Russian jet buzzes US Navy spy plane over Black Sea

On ‘America’s Newsroom,’ Amb. John Bolton calls the move dangerous and unacceptable, says the U.S. needs a firm response.


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27 thoughts on “Russian jet buzzes US Navy spy plane over Black Sea

  1. Black sea borders Russia not USA. Clearly the woman is confused as to whom is provoking whom. Would the US not defend their borders? Enough fake news on Znn. Time fir Fox to add honest to fair and balanced… Not fake and unbalanced. Report on Hungarian election meddling at same time maybe…

  2. A treaty dating back to the cold war. Yeah Bolton you are a moron. That treaty was with USSR. USSR no longer exists, so you don't have a treaty with anyone.

  3. John Bolton is USA Suicide Diplomat. He's so old he doesn't give a toss if he provokes another war. Bolton will never forgive Gorbachev for letting USSR to break up. Bolton was only relevant during the hostility of peak Cold War.

  4. Trump is weak on military. Obama's military would have put two sidewinders up that jets ass. But then again, Russia is our Ally now because they helped our president the election

  5. We were over international airspace. Plus they already sent one of their subs into the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago, I guess all of you talking shit forgot about that, huh? I am sure we have a carrier over there in the black sea, next time they pull that shit, we should send up a few of our f-18s or 16s or even a raptor to fuck with them. Play their games..Next time they want to buzz one of our war ships, we should fuck back with them and get missile lock on them
    just to say, " Don't get too cute"

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  7. Russian provocation in the Black Sea. Are you Americans serious? This incident was not off the Florida coast, but on the Russian boarder!
    Pure American exceptionalism. Very embarrassing to the rest of the world.

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