Russia Unveils ‘Invincible’ Nuclear Weapons America Should Fear, The End of Unipolar World

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Russia develops unique hypersonic ‘Dagger’
One of Russia’s new advanced weapon system is a hypersonic missile. The missile is launched from an aircraft and reaches a speed of Mach-10 while maneuvering to pierce through anti-aircraft systems. The weapon can be fitted with a nuclear warhead.

‘It’s like fireball guided to target’: Putin on Russia’s new hypersonic gliding warhead ‘Avangard’
Russia’s new hypersonic gliding warhead called ‘Avangard’ can reach the speed of Mach-20 and has high maneuvering capabilities that make it immune to all anti-missile weapons existing today. The video showing the new weapon was computer-generated to keep its actual appearance secret.

Russia Reveals ‘Unstoppable’ Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile
Neuclear Power Missile Putin: Missile defense useless against our new technologies
new high-yield intercontinental-range cruise missile purportedly capable of penetrating any missile defense system
Russia has created new systems in response to US ABM-Treaty exit. One of them is a new, powerful nuclear reactor which can be mounted on a sea-launched or air-launched cruise missile and can greatly boost its range to infinity

Putin Unveils Russia’s Neweset Hypersonic Weapon – YouTube.MP4

‘Stealthy submarine’- Putin presents new underwater drone – YouTube.MP4
Russia created yet another weapon – an underwater drone with great endurance and stealth capabilities, with a nuclear reactor smaller and more powerful than earlier models. The drone can counter enemy aircraft carrier groups and attack shoreline defenses.

Putin Unveils Russia’s Newest Cruise Missile

Putin Unveils Newest Strategic Hypersonic Missile System Avangard.MP4
strategic missile system Avangard, equipped with a glide vehicle


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27 thoughts on “Russia Unveils ‘Invincible’ Nuclear Weapons America Should Fear, The End of Unipolar World

  1. yehi tou sham ( syria ) kr rha hai faisal majed bhai uski video bnao yar humara media ki tou maa mari hoi hai

  2. Sham pa to Apky Kan bhe Band hein or Ankhein Apki nhien balky sabhi ke Hukmranoo sa la kr Choty bary Ohdy daroon tk 3 bar Yahi Krh chuka hoon Apki video k nechy comment box ma Sabhi Ko asy he Kaha tha Many But Ap bhe Sabhi jasy ho jo Masla Bat Karna ka ho wo to ap Bat Uthaty Nhein Allah Ka Jawab Dany K Ley Axhi Tyari kr lyna Masoom Bachoon ko shaheed kia ja raha kya wo insan nhi Muslim nhi Bari Taqt k sath Bari zimmdari bhe Atti ha Or Ap ya kr sakty ho But Ankhoon Pa or kanoon pa Chup k patto bandhi hui ha Tum sb logoon na 😡

  3. The only reason Russia may at this particular moment in time have the best nuclear weapons, is because the US and NATO have been denuclearizing the world for the past 20 years, and getting rid of nuclear stockpiles. Whilst the US has been pulling back and away from nuclear booms, Russia has been doing the opposite thing and clinging to the idea that nuclear bombs are the answer. Sad, childish, backward and idiotic. It's something you would expect a child to do – run against the current, being left behind, all wrong and isolated. But since Russia appears to be wanting to start a nuclear arms race, as the empty headed communist 3rd worlders they are, the US will kick-in, start their nuclear programs again and send Russia crashing shamefully to the last rung, as always. You see Russia has never been a leader at anything, nor will they start being leaders at anything now. Everybody else is simply pulling away from wanting nuclear weapons. And Russia just doesn't get it! They can't. They're 3rd worlders for a reason!

  4. Don't show that you are real Pakistani we know and that's good but say something about Syria so people know what is going on in Syria sorry if you mind

  5. Для меня главная новость, это не ракеты, а то что создан рабочий ядерный двигатель. Дальний космос стал на шаг ближе!)

  6. "The End of Unipolar World" – nothing has changed. MAD (mutual assured destruction) between the U.S. and Russia has been around for decades!

  7. Huzurt Essa(AS) or Jesus(AS) once saw a man steal in marketplace. Essa(AS) shouted, "Stop! You are stealing!" Thief was startled and said, "By Allah I was not stealing!" Essa(AS) quickly changes his stance and says, "I believe Allah and I doubt my eyes!".

    Congratulations to Russia. Any country whether it be USA, Russia, China, India or Pakistan, etc., who works hard to achieve their dream they deserve good return. Those who want to find peace by putting faith in weapons they will get exactly that – hollow peace from things that are destined to rot and diminish in time. My Muslim heart does not feel iota of safety in ANY weapon. My safety is in the Hands of my Everlasting, the Sublime, the Tremendous, the Victor Undefeated Lord Almighty – Allah SWT! When I read above parable in a book written by a Christian about Islam, my heart stopped beating my brothers. I used that story to judge that my Emaan is dead. I felt great sorrow. Few years back, had you met me, I would've been of the one who would be jumping up and joy in nuclear program of Pakistan, singing praises Russian and China friendship and be bogged down in heated debates of power of army, number of men & weapons, haunted by nationalism pride, in panic for the next best weapon to come out of the weapon factories and full of verbal abuse toward Indians for slightest mention of 1971 lost of East Pakistan. That parable changed my view forever. Alhumdulillah, my Emaan grew stronger. Allah opened eyes of my heart and pulled me out of haze of hate and animosity. My life is for Allah and ONLY for Allah. If my life belongs to Allah then everything falls into correct perspective. Without a life/soul in my body, I am nothing. I am not a Pakistani. I am not a rich man. I am not a guy with PhD degrees. I am nothing. Allah gave me life and He has chosen a time for my demise where a night is coming when I will be alone in grave among flesh eating critters as my skin, organs and guts will fill with gases and explode. Who will protect me in that utter isolation, blind darkness, & dreary desolation? What Pakistani, Indian, Russian, etc. weapons will help me escape? This is an end to a guy who feels pride in holder of powerful passport, wearing designer clothing, fancy shoes, fancy perfumes, educated from world class university, bank balance and shiny cars in garage. There may already be shroud to wrap my dead body in the Bazaar at some shop.

    This is reality of weapons & armies my brothers. Nothing will avail when we are counted on the other side. Can we bribe Allah with dollars? Will we be able to scare Him with nuclear bombs or technologies – the One who creates when NOTHING is there? We need support of others and things to create and destroy. He needs none! Everything depends on Him and He depends on nothing! When we embrace this REALITY in our hearts and understand Allah is the Absolute then work to please Him, automatically we will be liberated from fears of weapons and free of dependencies on secular means and causes. This is what we have lost as Ummah – the MOST important treasure of ALL treasures – Emaan! The belief and trust in Allah. Look at Afghanistan war and tell me what do Mujahideens have compared to USA-the world's most advanced and powerful nation and yet they are not able to conquer them! People ask for proof of Allah or Works of Mystery – well, there it is, for those who are wise to heed the Divine. When Kufar have amassed to obliterate Islam, Allah has shined a clear example before us in form of Afghan Jihad! It would be shame if we don't learn a lesson from it! For me, it is as if Allah is extending His Hand toward us and we are busy debating on potency of weapons and means of this world. However, Alhumdulillah, I have noticed there are men in Pakistan who are dedicated to His Deen and are inviting others with love and compassion. Those men serve Allah and serve in battle fronts with selfless ambitions. Victory is there destiny. Even if they die here, they are meted with the Most Beautiful Being! They are the true victors. Even if we lose in way of Allah, tyrants will have but a short time in world of misfortunes where best of pleasures spoil the fastest! Death is destroyer of all pleasures.

    Allah is the Greatest!

  8. Vdio to barre zabardast te fesal bhai par lagta hy aap kuch zeyada he masrof rehny lagy hy bar bar break ly rahy hy.jahan rahy khush rahy.

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