Russia test fires Bulava IBMs from nuclear submarine for the first time

Russian nuclear submarine Vladimir Monomakh (Project 955 Borei class) fires 2 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles from underwater for the first time – the launch was successful as the IBMs reached their target in Kamchatka polygon.
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24 thoughts on “Russia test fires Bulava IBMs from nuclear submarine for the first time

  1. each russian borei class submarine can carry 12 new bulava ICBMs, each missle have 6 large nuclear warheads, so per submarine 72 nuclear warheads, that is hudge destruction power in only 1 sub, guess what russia have serveral of those subs and are making more

  2. ICBM, not IBM. Intercontinental Ballistic Missile! You produce a video, and are so careless about editing your script?

  3. We should turn all the middle east into glass, use chemical warfare, wait few years and then colonize it with our murderers and others convicts… United States of Arabia… yeah, we Europeans never learn but whatever.

  4. My only request is, if your going to shoot anything at America, don't shoot it over Canada. I'd hate it if the U.S shot down some nuclear missiles over us. 🙁

  5. WTF!!! 2 ICMBs was lauched with interval about 5 seconds (!!!) With such rate of fire that submarine can launch all of it 16 ICBMs about 1.5 minutes (!!!).
    In Russian that submarine type called ПРКСН (Underwater Rocket Cruiser of Strategic Appointment). Vladimir Monomakh 955A Borei Class have onboard 16 ICBMs Bulava.
    Bulava (Булава-30, Р-30, SS-NX-30) – ICBM with 10 nuclear warheads (150 kilotons each warhead – about 8 Hiroshimas).
    One submarine of Borei Class can totally destroy 160 cities.

  6. notice this didn't look like the test fire over LA, although both launched from subs, lots of noise, unlike LA,

  7. meanwhile in washington

    Alert! Alert! ''we got 2 missiles coming hot!'' ''whats destination???'' ''we are sir…'' ''cant we shoot them down???'' ''no, sir! they are too fast'' '' its probably russians arent they??'' ''dont know sir, but we will have visual with our satellites'' ''show me'' ''ok, show me in slow motion'' ''sir it seems there is something written on them'' ''pause and zooom''' '''what is it'' ''' ummm, it says….. From Russia with Love''' BOOOM!!!!

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