Russia: Any problems? – Putin calls out Deputy Finance Minister Ivanov on ruble tariff transition

Russian President Vladimir Putin asked Deputy Finance Minister Andrei Ivanov to comment on why the transition to a ruble tariff calculation has not yet taken place, during a meeting on infrastructure development of North-West region in Kaliningrad region, Wednesday.

The president called out Ivanov, asking if there were “any problems” with the transition and querying why it was yet to be completed.

Putin has ordered for transition to be final from January 1, 2018.

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27 thoughts on “Russia: Any problems? – Putin calls out Deputy Finance Minister Ivanov on ruble tariff transition

  1. Hes just like a teacher questioning the kid did he do his homework, yes or no lol!!! Intimidating but efficient, gotta love him!

  2. Me(If i was Ivanov): "Yes, there is a problem Mr. President. First of all, why do you allow all these oligarchs to earn the wealth-GDP of 90% of the Russian population Mr. President? Why Mr. President you do not allow us, the ministers, to diversify our economy so we are not solely dependent on energey and energy-related exports?

    Why, Mr. President, 30% of our budgetary report is considered as secret and "classified", prohibiting the simple Russian folks from reading and analyzing our full budgetary revenues and costs?

    I quit, Mr. President."

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    Россия мой любимый муж Владимир Владимирович
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    Бог благословит Россию
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  4. A discussion about the transition to settlements in international trade in the national currency and the abandonment of the dollar

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