In this Majority Report clip, we talk about China’s growing pool of technology.

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42 thoughts on “RUN! China Now Has Super Crazy Water Drones

  1. Stick to policy guys, you know jackshit about military tech. China's military capabilities are very poor in comparison to the US or even NATO nations. There is even more corruption in the Chinese military then the US. Drone boats are nothing to wet the bed over.

  2. Yawn (citations are provided below, please read).
    You guys are blowing this shit out of proportion, China's military is nowhere near as strong as you believe.
    Seriously, do some fucking research, and I'm not the "Merica" type, I just find this video extremely misleading and lazy.

    1. They have no joint command, which every modern military has, as it's crucial for coordinated efforts.

    2. Our troops are infinitely more equipped, the average us soldier carries $17,472 worth of equipment around, with special forces sometimes carrying around whats closer to $20,000.
    The Average Chinese soldier? $1,500 in equipment and their rifle (Type-95) is almost half of that, meaning our troops are more protected and able to deal with a wider variety of operations.

    3. A lot of the equipment and vehicles the Chinese do have are often times too small to wear or operate…seriously.

    4. A majority of the training the PLF's troops go through isn't combat related, infact most of their "training" is the study of Chinese Communist Party, it's history, etc.

    5. Most individuals who attempt to join the PLF fail the lax physical requirements, which they've lowered on numerous occasions, and are nowhere near as strict as the United States military.

    6. The levels of corruption within the PLF are so monumental it could essentially lead to it's inability to fight a war effectively.


  3. This wouldnt look that cool if they hadnt sped up the video! Besides, our flying drones are more impressive technologically speaking, water subs are just new to certain segments of america.

  4. weaponry is becoming so advanced that even stuff that is 10 years behind is so deadly everyone looses. Kinda like nukes.

  5. I am not impressed at all. We already have silent submarine drones and underwater torpedoes that pump air in front of them, creating bubbles so they don't deal with water resistance…allowing them to move almost as fast as a missile.

  6. Water Drones? SHIT!
    if they put explosives said bye bye to the usa botes.
    to little to stop alll of them like pirañas

  7. I think the point of these drones, they could send several at a carrier fleet armed with explosives and destroy or at least disable a the carrier.
    Carriers are very vulnerable. Yet we keep making these stupid fleets that cost $12.8 billion each to build, and $9 billion a year to operate the fleet and carrier. We have 11 in service soon to be 12. $108 billion a year to just maintain the carrier fleets of our now $700 billion DOD spending.
    Italy and China have 2 in service.
    France, India, Russia, Thailand, and UK have 1 in service.
    All other countries have none.

    Isn't this a little excessive? Couldn't we make do with 4 or 6?

    And the fact these things may end up being more of an outdated waste as the battleships and dreadnoughts became anyways. Just an easy large fat ass target that sucked up a countries immense resources to be easily crippled and/or destroyed.

  8. Screamers. The Terminator. Literally any story that ever featured even partially sentient robots mass murdering the fuck out of humans. We've all been warned.

  9. Funny outro but y’all acting like US isn’t still dominating military tech RN. Curious what ordinance the aqua drones are capable of using

  10. Funny how China and Russia have a highly advance military, at the cost of the fraction the U.S. spends on our military. Maybe our government should hire smarter people instead of wasting all that money putting out less advanced machinery.

  11. Uuuuuh, have you seen the Intel automated drones moving in sync in the air? You know in 3D? That's infinitely more impressive than these toy Lego Mindstorm boats.

  12. It is my feeling that after brexit and trump the whole world is going crazy! Anyone else who has that idea?

  13. Yes: Other countries are actually moving into the future and progressing, while the USA is moving into total delusion and regressing.

    It's about time! I feel a hundred times more safe with China being the most powerful military power, instead of the disgusting, openly torturing, lawless and corrupted American military industrial complex! Great for China, I hope they keep it on like that! 🙂

  14. I guess these aqua drones are kinda cool…….

    Why were they developed, again? Call me old fashioned but I'm not seeing any practical utility here. Reconisence, maybe? Deep-sea exploration? Sonar decoy? Propaganda prop?

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