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Royal Marine bomb maker given 18 years- BBC News

A former Royal Marine from County Antrim who made bombs for dissident republicans has been sentenced to 18 years in prison.
Ciarán Maxwell, from Larne, admitted a series of terror charges ahead of a pre-sentence hearing that began last Wednesday.
After his arrest last year, police found 43 weapons hides.

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  • Eoin Tuohy says:

    Tiocfaidh ar la

  • Hamza h says:

    Y is he not called a 'catholic terrorist' hmmmm

  • jack tarr says:


  • niceguy60 says:

    Training people to kill and Build Bombs is wrong and dangerous as this case shows , we can't predict how people will use the training provided to them !!!

  • Gary I says:

    Something triggered in his mind to go off and needs deep mental help. There's many people out there like this and profiling and locking a person up doesn't cure and stop future people from doing the same thing.

  • GearHeadGaming1 says:

    In America he would Have been given 383772929 years

  • Wh1t3 Pr1d3 says:

    Weird how you heebs don't cover semitic terror attacks with as much enthusiasm. The jewish scum that runs the bbc cannot be trusted. Hitler did nothing wrong!

  • Michael Robins says:

    Christian fundamentalist

  • ] says:

    is a hide a cache? how old is he?

  • Wolf says:

    I'm sure Trump will get him out right wing extremist need to stick together

  • Zaineb el says:

    so he's a terrorist

  • Below Zero says:

    'Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims.'

  • Smug Man says:

    Any more news on the m u s li m rapists

  • Smug Man says:

    18 years fair enough
    Yet p3dos are lucky to get 3

  • Smug Man says:

    Funny how there's no news on our c0. Rrupt politicians
    Just everyone else's news

  • Tommy Warnford says:

    Doesn't deserve to wear the beret

  • Gordon Rides says:

    My dad and uncle were in the marines during 2nd world war and to hear this about.a marine what the he'll is going on God help us all

  • Alex Smith says:

    Fuck the police

  • Nellie K. Adaba says:

    Wow, terrorist. Anyway mafiosi are terrorists and so are murderers and snipers.

  • ajmolaliful says:

    He should of been sent to gitmo like all other terrorist.

  • shannon newman says:

    Cut off body parts1st , Then give him jail

  • Redhead Russkie says:

    omg 1 christian cis white male made a bomb haha lets use this to defend the religion of peace and tolerance11!!1!1!11!

  • John Robinson says:

    BBC isn't British. Its a foreign cell that has its hooks dug into the culture of GB.

  • John Robinson says:

    The BBC has moxie, I can say that. It takes guts to steal identities the way they do

  • Dockery says:

    For the IRA we are the undefeated army

  • April A says:

    What a jackass, hope he drops the soap in prison

  • Danny brown says:

    I thank the people who caught this man

  • Devon35 says:

    A harsh sentence !. They should have considered mitigating factors like the fact he was Irish and grew up in a protestant part of Belfast and witnessed his family being persecuted daily. He was attacked by protestant thugs in his own home and had his skull fractured when he was young. Maybe he wanted revenge, I very much doubt he posed a threat to the public as his target would have been the enemy. In truth all he did was steal ammunition and pass it to someone else so its not clear if he intended to use it.

  • Ian Mc Intyre says:

    Ciaran is a hero! Long live a united, free and socialist Ireland!

  • tennis addict says:

    18 years is way too long. What about all the British terrorists that are walking around free in Northern Ireland.

  • Big Cahoona says:

    He didn't get long enough!

  • ryan francis says:

    Their was another Muslim terror attack in Germany and the news is quiet?

  • having fun says:

    A terrorist or a freedom fighter? The Irish and the Scottish living in America that fought to overthrow the Monarchy rule were considered terrorists too. I'm sure if you talk to people in Northern Ireland, he's considered a freedom fighter. When the Monarchy paid the native mercenaries a dollar for the scalp of each American they killed, were they not terrorists? They were trading the scalps of murdered women and children like animal pelts. 5 women in ancestral tree were scalped by natives while the men were away. They returned home and found their dead loved ones laying on the floor with brains splattered all over the floor. There were countless numbers of people that were savagely murdered like this, but we were blamed for genocide against the peaceful natives? Why doesn't the Monarchy just simply end the occupation and give Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England their independence so they can govern themselves? It's just a dictatorial regime masquerading as a democracy. I'm not condoning the bombing of innocent people, but I'm also not condoning the occupation of Northern Ireland. It should be condemned by the UN and the UK government should be sanctioned until the occupation ends.

  • Rufioh says:

    Why cut the story short? 5 years doing what?

  • W A says:

    Poor bloke's going to be very popular in prison.

  • Abdi Abdi says:

    Gosh… can't wait when global warming gets more higher so that white people will get extinct due to their lack of pigment.

  • habib syed says:

    God dam tourist.

  • Bill Moore says:

    An IRA man in the british army, who would have figured!

  • iambored 1234 says:


  • Mat Broomfield says:

    Other than misplaced smugness I don't understand the comments below about christian terrorists. He wasn't motivated by his religion as Muslim extremists are. He was driven by revenge against the group that beat him up. THEY attacked him because he didn't share their group affiliation. He retaliated.

  • James Grey says:

    IRA is run by MI5. Ira is the Greek goddess of peace. Just like Isis is the goddess of wisdom. Its a sick joke

  • Sonia Delly says:

    sad history…and bad

  • Alan Adam says:

    ✝️🍻✡️💰☪️🐫=ISIS they all same .

  • Alan Adam says:

    🇬🇧🇮🇪🇮🇱🇺🇸🇸🇦 🇹🇷 ISIS gun suplyers

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