REAL OR FAKE: Russia Has Trump Blackmail File, Trump & Russia Colluded During Election

–Donald Trump received a briefing from the US intelligence agencies presenting him with evidence that Russia holds damaging information about the President-elect, including that the Russian government tried to influence Trump for years through business dealings, bribes, and meetings, and that the Kremlin’s hacks on the DNC and Podesta emails were done with “full knowledge and support” of Trump and his campaign team

–On the Bonus Show: China to attempt up to 30 space launches in 2017, millennials may lose majority of jobs to automation, Dylan Roof gets the death penalty and much more…

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Broadcast on January 11, 2017


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42 thoughts on “REAL OR FAKE: Russia Has Trump Blackmail File, Trump & Russia Colluded During Election

  1. I wonder if the saying ""don't  believe everything you read" as " being true"  applies here!, BUT his handling of the press recently and the resignation f of one of his staff recently because of a  "mistake" he made involving  the way he handled communication between Russia and the U. S campaign officials leaves you  wondering as well doesn't it? I'm going with the adage "don't believe everything" until all the facts have come forward!  Time will tell!

  2. TRUMP – Summary
    President TRUMP uses executive order procedures to get to work and deliver on his campaign promises. President TRUMP, via his government, has initiated the steps required to repeal and replace Obamacare. President TRUMP’s cabinet choices are sadly being delayed by the seditious and corrupt DNC Senators.

    AMERICA FIRST: The same voting process that elected Barack Obama president also elected Donald J. TRUMP president. TRUMP is Americas’ choice for President and he was inaugurated President on Jan. 20, 2017. America and the world have accepted this. In four years TRUMP will be replaced, if America isn’t satisfied with him. This is how it works in the free world. The alternative to a free world is much worst.

    President TRUMP’s revised executive order on Travel covers failed vetting procedures of other countries. Detaining some people at borders for a period of time to enhance security for 350 million must endure! Instead of crying about the inconvenience, find solace in doing this as the cost of keeping America safe!

    The corrupt DNC government spent eight years covertly investigating TRUMP. Doubtlessly, many times! RUSSIA hacked American politics! Surely it’s as likely the corrupt DNC government wire tapped TRUMP! Obama is using RUSSIA as a ruse to enable his hateful obsession with attacking and destroying TRUMP. TRUMP has Obama wiretap proof. He hopes a special prosecutor can investigate and also find this proof. If government agents refute wiretap allegations they will expose themselves to various charges of perjury!

    We all know of OBAMA’s plea to illegal immigrants “You can vote and don’t worry you won’t get caught”! Get rid of illegal votes from Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States. TRUMP also won the “Popular Vote“. Let’s be very clear, to those who still don’t get it, the only vote Clinton actually won, was the “Illegal Vote”. The corrupt MEDIA refuses to cover or talk about the DNC party and Obama’s Voter Fraud Participation!

    Obama’s lawyer, Alexandra Hill, admitted Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery! MEDIA as always MIA! Obama became a felon by providing his forged birth certificate to the government MEDIA as always MIA! Obama’s advice to illegals can also be interpreted as his own admission to fraud and not getting caught.

    Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States that shield illegal immigrants are felons! MEDIA as always MIA! President TRUMP gains support daily. Of course, the Controlled DNC Media’s “Fake News” will deny this! The Corrupt DNC’s controlled Media have been ordered to continue using “Fake News” against TRUMP!

    TRUMP became everyone’s president January on 20th. Civility, law and order will be nurtured in America. It will not be “business as usual” in Washington DC. Sidious individuals, in every agency, will be charged! Many within Americas’ Intelligence Community are Seditious Traitors! They will be identified and charged! The corrupt DNC party may control a Shadow Government obsessed with destroying President TRUMP! Obama now has a residence in Washington. OBAMA may be a part of the DNC’s Shadow Government!

    The Corrupt DNC party, Clinton and backer Soros have and are funding riots. The MEDIA as always MIA! Politicians, Media and Celebrities who support, sponsor and or participate in riots are clearly TRAITORS. The DNC is pathetic! Russia stole the election! Clinton was cheated! The dog ate my report! They lost!!

    The DNC and Clinton’s day late insincere concession speech confirms they will never accept their defeat. The corrupt DNC party, Clinton, and even Obama are conspiring to overthrow TRUMP’s presidential win. The corrupt DNC party’s’ seditious plans will lead to civil unrest, riots, death, and, if not checked, civil war! Billions may be hidden within agencies by previous governments to finance their Shadow Governments.

    The real threat to American Democracy today is the seditious DNC party and their Shadow Government. This corrupt Shadow Government’s Fabricate Fairy Tale Fake Links between Russia and TRUMP will fail! Every Patriotic DNC supporter is shocked at DNC actions! They are now TRUMP’s strongest supporters!

    There is one way to stop these TRAITORS. President TRUMP is right! Drain the Washington DC Swamp! American Patriots’ will never tolerate Traitors! President TRUMP is enforcing required steps to end this! The Attorney General, TRUMP and Patriot Supporters are now pursuing investigations and prosecutions.

    Obama deported over three million illegal immigrants. More than any president! MEDIA as always MIA! Since TRUMP’s victory on November 8, 2016, five million additional illegal immigrants crossed the border! America must give priority to immigrants who immigrate legally. Illegal immigrants deserve deportation! TRUMP’s deportation procedures are already working. Canada is now being swamped with these illegals. Socialists and 16 million illegal immigrants riot in America. They demand a Dictatorship over Democracy!

    This election was a David vs Goliath marathon. TRUMP spent millions vs the Corrupt DNC spent billions. Mark Twain was quoted “We have the best government that money can buy”. America voted to end this! This was a wake-up call for Elitist Politicians. You don’t own America. American belongs to all Americans.

    Patriotic Americans know the corrupt DNC party will spend billions more attacking our president TRUMP! The Corrupt News Networks (CNN), and others, will always use ‘Fake News’ against President TRUMP! The Fake News Media has lost their value to America. President TRUMP has every right to exclude them.

    Fake News Media says it’s the 1st time the White House excluded Media. Liars, many presidents did this! During the election anti-TRUMP Media used their arsenal to destroy him. They failed and learned nothing! Void a “Plan B” in their arsenal, the ‘Fake News; Media, now exposed for all to see, earned their demise! The Fake News Media are the new “Keystone Cops”. Their elephant walk survival instincts are too funny!

    The corrupt DNC party doesn’t own the African American, Hispanic and Minority vote and they never did! The Corrupt DNC parties unchanged strategies going forward guarantee their own party will self-destruct! The sign of insanity is “You keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results”! The corrupt DNC and their Medias psychotic obsessions with destroying TRUMP will destroy themselves. When the dust settles, the facts will confirm, American Democracy was saved when TRUMP was elected.

    Hold the non-voters accountable! They're the true flaw in democracy.
    Hold the Corrupt DNC Party Elitists accountable for trashing Sanders for Clinton!
    Hold the Media and their FAKE NEWS and fake statistics accountable for lying!
    YOU got lethargic because YOU believed the constant barrage of BS statistics.
    Media Fake News and lies that TRUMP can't win and Clinton can't lose.
    Everything YOU have done, everything YOU are doing, everything YOU will do, benefits TRUMP.

    SYNOPSIS: TRUMP – If you want the facts. There here to read!
    TRUMP transcended both Democratic and Republican Parties and all their corrupt Establishment Elitists. This election wasn’t won by the “Anybody but Trump” GOP party. TRUMP won, in spite of the GOP party. The choice wasn’t TRUMP vs Clinton. The choice was between the corrupt DNC party and America 1st.

    Obama’s legacy died, when he chose to campaign for Clinton, rather than be president for all Americans. Obama seditious legacy was defined by his treasonous actions during his last few months as president! TRUMP’s successful first term as president will benefit him with millions more Patriotic DNC supporters!

    Today’s battles are fought on the streets of the world where thousands of families and children are dying. In twelve months alone, 12,000 terrorist attacks. The ugly truth, immigrant vetting processes have failed! The EU, due to terrorist attacks, has started the mass deportation of 400,000 rejected illegal immigrants.

    The EU, UN and NATO are in disarray! They together are responsible for destroying world quality of life! Britain, America Italy and soon France and even Germany will reject globalization. Merkel will be ousted. Massive migrations aren’t the solution. End migrations now, and force failed nations to change their ways.

    TRUMP must inform countries, where each illegal immigrant comes from, will be fined annual penalties. America will save billions by deporting illegal well as billions from fining source countries. TRUMP’s presidency is America’s presidency. TRUMP supporters aren’t party specific, their America 1st.

    Wide spread Voter Fraud was driven and controlled by the corrupt DNC party and by President Obama. The DNC’s Corrupt Establishment Elitists exercise absolute control over Obama and all of their members. President Obama encouraging illegal immigrants to vote showed Obama knew Voter Fraud was rampant!

    Corrupt DNC controlled government appointees are seditiously opposing America’s president TRUMP! Government appointees are accountable to their president. If they refuse to accept this, terminate them! Patriotic American Businesses are keenly aware of unpatriotic individuals and their sponsorship will end.

    Seditious acts taken by incumbents and their treasonous supports will, in due course, be held to account. Seditious individuals are exposed! Endless charges for forgery, fraud and treason are being investigated. The Corrupt DNC party and their supporters aren’t considering treason they are actively participating in it!

    These psychopaths have no remorse for their seditious acts. They deserve the full measure of retribution. The convicted, if not executed for treason, will be imprisoned and many will also forfeit wealth and status! The Attorney General, TRUMP and Patriot Supporters are now pursuing investigations and prosecutions.

  3. "8 (EIGHTH)Russian Connected To Trump Found Dead" 2017 America is quickly turning back time to the 1920s mobster days because this feels like some horrible coming-to-life "The Sopranos" stuff right now.Who's next? Michael Cohen?

  4. Unfortunately given the number of assumption and the elements of personal bias this is nothing but flagrant propaganda, which is fake news.

  5. Russians are major buyers of Trump apartments because of public records. In addition, Donald Trump Jr. said in 2008 that “in terms of high-end product influx into the U.S., Russians make up a disproportionate cross-section of a lot of OUR ASSETS. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia".  Donnie is a BIG FAT LYING Crook.

  6. I have a strong instinct that Russia has had dirt on #SCROTUS for the LONGEST TiME & possibly blackmailed him to run for presidency & fully funded his broke ass (yes he's broke and his tax returns will prove it). They got their bait. SPECIAL ED STUDENT IN OFFICE

  7. We are all absolutely fucked. I feel sorry for our children and older people the most. If anyone has not noticed we have yet to fix a major issue since the Constitution was drafted. Our government has sold us out on every aspect of life you can think of. And the only thing keeping us from completely imploding is the grip we have on the world's oil supply, which can't be bought or sold without paying in USD. A time will come when our government will turn in us, the dollar will be worthless, and chaos will be the new norm. Doesn't matter who is President,,the dollar is king and the king has no clothes.

  8. to me it's one or the other. if they are in cahoots, then blackmail doesn't make sense. get Trump impeached and you end up with Pence. i highly doubt Pence will be more pro-Russia than Trump.

  9. Putin and trump need to work together. The world banking system needs to be controlled by nations and their governments working directly together. Not central banks.

  10. This is political games. There is no proof. Besides this, I would not be surprised that Russia as dirt on American politicians and America has dirt on Russian politicians. It is how spying works.

  11. Nonsense, pure fabrication already debunked. Try being an investigative journalist instead of a puppet on a clown show.

  12. Russia does have a intelligence file on Trump, that's 100 percent true (they have files on lots of people, just like the FBI & CIA does;) but, it's 100 percent absent of golden shower prostitutes. Also, it's impossible to blackmail Trump he doesn't have the personality for blackmail… are you fucking kidding me? Nothing sticks to that guy, and he'd nuke anyone that had anything on him that would stick because he is LITERALLY HITLER. XD —-ALSO, if Trump had encounters with prostitutes, shouldn't he be admitting it? Or braging about it, because he tends to do that kind of shit doesn't he. Also, it would play well to the left is so pro-prostitute anyway, there is an entire faction on the left promoting the complete legalization of sex-work. And the right would not care at all, because Trump has become a battering ram for their own agenda on issues they consider more important.  

    In fairness, Trump has about as many Russian contacts as Hillary Clinton does, and that means he has several, because Hillary's has a bunch. Of course, I speculate her band of Russian associates would be part of the government she would have installed there if she ever had any ability to do so because toppling governments and rigging elections is definitely her kind of MO. But, Trump is an international business man and he has contacts in many other nations, not just Russia, and that sort of thing was and still encouraged in America because international capitalism is not going away no matter who is in charge. & had this election occurred 24 years ago, even OPRAH would have endorsed him. Trump is what Rumsfeld would have called a known- known.

    Personally,  I find it insanely suspect that this outline is everything liberals are desperate to believe about trump, and I think 4chan & reddit are having a laugh at all the shit they can push into the media cycle.

  13. Trump called out to Russia encouraged them to hack Hillary during one of his campaign speeches. Why is it doubtful at all that he colluded with them? Come one, do we need Trump to come out & confess?

  14. Some idiot said Trump is not as bad as Mao, Stalin or Hitler… give Trump a chance… I'm sure he can be worse…. wait a month or two…

  15. By the way, all my comments are directed to people who are left of center…. Trumpists could not possibly understand what I'm saying… so don't get mad…. go watch a Rush Limbaugh video or get yourself some more Trump… good luck with that…

  16. Just a quick follow up. I have problems with the left as well but at this moment the depth of the pit that Americans have fallen into concerns me more. Leave the lizard brained, far right alone to rot in its own swamp…. they're to low consciousness (7 to 10 year old probably) to even understand you…protest peacefully, letter writing campaigns,advocacy etc. Don't get in the ring with the lizard, it' is a waste of time… just recommend that they should read at least one book before they die and move on.

  17. To the left…. don't hate the right… let them fester in their own hate and don't give them a route to vent… then the beast will turn inward and devour itself… look! They can't help it. Science has done studies that show the hard Right respond to risk and threat from the 'lizard brain'… fight or flight…. the more left you go the higher the brain function you use.
    You wouldn't hate a lizard for voting Trump… just leave it alone… Your friendly Canadian

  18. Great piece but you missed one thing. Trump's hypocrisy is even greater than you claim. Not only does he have a double standard when the Comy Hillary leaks came out… he jumped all over them and went beyond… "Who knows what else there is… " "This is the tip of the ice berg…. Trump is scum and this report is no doubt true. I said it months ago when he was acting so out of character when talking about Putin… obviously compromised…

  19. It is why trumps but kisin of Putin is happening, no one else on the face of the planet kisses up to Putin that way.

  20. More FAKE NEWS, Gossip! "Unconfirmed"! Wrong Cohen, poor reporting! CIA chief an Obama appointee! Leaked GOSSIP! Turned out to be conspiracy didn't it!

  21. There's some truth to this, I don't believe for a second it's false. he seems to be having a meltdown over this. There's a current investigation into Trump campaign and personnel so this should be interesting and Comey got his ass handed to him over the double standard of not commenting on an investigation (whether there is one going on at all) into Trump campaign over speak up about Hillary emails and Huma's husband's laptop emails. Trump is a Putin puppet and will forever be seen as one that was hand picked years before. Putin has to have the dirty on Trump in order for him to flat put side with Russia on all matters that help Russia. I mean he's talking about lifting sanctions from Russia.

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