Reagan’s iconic words help memorialize slain marines

As Don Lemon shares, Ronald Reagan’s poignant 1985 Veteran’s Day tribute to slain marines was used to memorialize those killed in Thursday’s Tennessee shooting


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13 thoughts on “Reagan’s iconic words help memorialize slain marines

  1. What a terrible shame and loss of life.  Thoughts and prayers with the family of the departed.  I hope they have the peace they need to heal and grieve this senseless murder.

  2. "why they had to be brave for us" ? ? ? because of you greedy assholes, that's why. You assholes LOVE war. You don't give a damn about american people, your god is money!

  3. Fuck Reagan fuck Reaganomics fuck his acting career fuck just say no and fuck him for saying this bullshit… "I now have absolute proof that smoking even one
    marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being
    on Bikini Island during a hydrogen bomb blast"
    Ronald Reagan

    Fuck you idiots who voted a fucking actor to be our fucking leader!!

  4. God bless you Ronald Wilson Reagan this country forever owns you a thank you and our gratitude we love you Mr.President and wish all man who occupies the Oval Office be half as great as you sir RIP number 40 (1911-2004).

  5. IF Reagan was president now he sure as shit wouldn't make excuses for the vile cult called "islam"
    He would've called it like Winston Churchill (another real man) called it in his 1899 memoir about the Mahdist war.
    "Muhammadanism in a man, is as dangerous as rabies in a dog"
    – Sir Winston Churchill, 'The River War'

  6. The sad fact is these men DID die at war. Our president has declare the war to be over, but unfortunately fir US, the enemy doesn't recognize Barack Obama as their president. He may believe he is president of earth, but radical Islam does not.

    Just because you "Pull Out" doesn't mean the enemy is done fighting.
    Lets all admit finally that what President Obama did was a fancy word for retreat. Because the enemy is not finished advancing.
    Our president would disarm us empowering these terrists to attack without fear. They KNOW they wont take fire until they hear sirens and see policemen.

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