Racist guy harasses Muslim cashier…until a soldier steps in ► AmazingLife247

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39 thoughts on “Racist guy harasses Muslim cashier…until a soldier steps in ► AmazingLife247

  1. The whole thing was staged by actors. the soldier and the rest were all actors trying to make good olde USA look non-racist against Arabs. It is a propaganda video. And of course, in the end, the soldier is still the hero. But we only need to remember Abu Ghraib and how they used that as material to promote hate crime against Arab Muslims around the world.

  2. Thank you understanding americans:)…im a muslim this kinda breaks my heart watching this although this is acting…

  3. watch video of muslim compounds in America training jihadi terrorists. don't lisen to this propaganda pro muslim lies. crisis in Europe is evident. your anti white agenda is racism!

  4. Real role model, but not only him, cause there have been a lot others saying the right Thing.
    His advantage is, that he is a soldier and he gets more respect, in this case rightfully so – I could not have hold back that long and just knocked that other guy out, then dragged is ass out of the store.

    Not because I prefer anybody, but because to me, everybody is the same – that is, until someone is acting like an asshole, cause then, he/she get's treated like one, no matter the age, skincolour, Religion, size or whatever.

  5. Love what this soldier did, but doesn't change my point of view about Islam. Killing the infidels, gays, oppress women, child bride in the name of Allah.None of these things should happen in this 21st century, too barbaric.

  6. Just for anyone's curiosity here's the guys thoughts when he laughed at the dude's comment about Muslims "Oh great another one of these assholes, and here I am trying to buy a sandwich and have a peaceful lunch"

  7. What is shocking is that the 'journalists' are surprised by the behavior of the soldier. Apparently they are used to stereotyping military people, and expected a different response. This only displays the bigotry and idiocy of these 'journalists'.

  8. all heroes, but the soldier is awesome – brought tears of joy to see this man defend the Muslim. I'm Christian – we are all one

  9. I am a Muslim and I am very proud to be a Muslim. Islam means peace not hate so all those terrorists there that are calling themselves Muslims are not Muslims. Everyone is equal whether you are Christian or Muslim or Hindu etc. It's what is inside that matters and those terrorists have nothing inside but hate. I feel so upset when people like trump are racist towards Muslim when we did not do anything to them. Terrorists are killing Muslims too not just Americans so if you are racist take some time to think about other people and stop being so racist. Everyone can practice their religion freely as long as they are not hurting people. Everyone is equal.

  10. you as americans need to remember that this country was founded on terrorism. massacre of the native indians, massacre of the western mexicans and the theft of their land in the name of your christian god so are you one of them or are you someone who just wants to feed your family and know your safe from being killed by ignorant people? almost all muslims only want a better form of life for themselves and their family but they must live in today's society with the fact that their religion has been hijacked by extremist and they have really no means of defense to stop it without being beheaded with the very same family they want to save

  11. Everybody kept saying that the Muslim can do what he wants because he's an "American!"
    What if he was illegally in this country with an expired visa?
    Would he still have all right afforded to him because he's "In" America?

  12. When are you whiny, snowflake millennials going to figure out, muslim is not a race. You fucks insinuating race into everything are the racists.

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