Putin Unveils Russia’s Newest Cruise Missile

President Putin announced that Russia was creating new defense systems in response to the United States’ deployment of anti-missile defense systems “both in the US and outside its borders.”




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12 thoughts on “Putin Unveils Russia’s Newest Cruise Missile

  1. Mr.Putin has everyrights to defend every centimeters of Russian soil ! NATO is doing a slow motion of aggression to Russia !

  2. The biggest threat to world peace is not North Korea, China or Russia, it's the USA, the biggest warmonger in recent history.

    Nonetheless, many Americans have been brainwashed by their presidents to think that those other countries pose a big threat to world peace.

  3. American and European weapons scientists and engineers who work for the US&NATO military-industrial complexes are risking the lives of their very own children and grandchildren knowing that they are helping the Western, Israeli and Wahhabi money elites to wage their imperialistic criminal wars against humanity. These scientists/engineers are surely aware of what's really going on. Better for them and the world that they side with Russia.

  4. Another step, to becoming second North Korea.
    Soon you will remain with empty fridges, but at least your dictator has the biggest rocket.
    Russians, be proud!

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