President Trump Remarks at Coast Guard Station Lake Worth Inlet

Palm Beach, FL


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43 thoughts on “President Trump Remarks at Coast Guard Station Lake Worth Inlet

  1. I respect the US and President Trump, but the Russians have an invisible plane called "Glider" which is technically superior to the F-35 in all aspects, it is not just fake news, this fighter jet really exists.

  2. Is it that time where the stupid uncle just keeps talking like people gives a shit about what his tiny brain has to spew out?

  3. There are quite a few of them looking bewildered. like what the hell is he saying? you did such a great job and i want to thank so here have a lettuce and tomato sandwich.

  4. The Coast Guard is an incredible branch of the military and now they have an incredible Commander In Chief as well. God bless you all!

  5. I've discovered an equation for ultimate peace prosperity, and an mathematical equation that will keep US safe for decades! It's an honor to discover this!.Donald Trump + US presidency= LOVE

  6. Lmao you just feel like you're getting retarded every second you listen to the fat pos..I dunno why Dems don't run as Repubs in the South/mid west when they campaign..jus say you love Jesus,hate abortion and you hate immigrants then BAM your elected..It really is that easy..jus get a degree from some half ass college so the rubes think you're up there with the Ivy League graduates

  7. Lol at the ppl saying libtards are crying when yall are the ones who cry everytime a federal judge blocks an order or everytime a comedian that rips Trump..How many acclaimed musicians,actors and athletes have become "overrated" since Trump moved into the white only say that shit in defense

  8. Lmao you feel like you're in the early stages of retardation just by listening to this lil baby…If I'm a Democrat in the South I would placate to my white trash audience jus to fuck them when I got elected..I never realized how easy it is to get a vote from white ppl living in the south/mid west..Just say you love Jesus,hate abortion and hate immigrants and BAM you already got millions of votes

  9. I think you stupid fucks really want to have a competition playing games chemical engineering Geo engineering or changing our DNA code genetics by screwing our health up from spraying chem trails every day do you people have a brain that shit is making us sick I'm having bloody noses every day now I guess we have no choice to live anymore we are forced to breathe chem trails that are toxic on a daily basis I've seen the guys loading the planes with bio hazard hazmat suits on

  10. Whistle blower docs on US/world govs show govs hate single parents and illegitimate kids. The gov has a bonus program to take your kids away! Dear parents who have dealt with the psycho bitch gov stealing your kids! It's time to take the mother fuckers down with documents! Time to rise up single parents as their is a plan to destroy your family! Just another reason to hang the fucking pigs of the USA Corp! Damn have I got psycho story's to tell! Look for my video soon on this subject.

  11. How to end your political career: 1. Get on board Lolita Express. 2. Shoot elephants. 3. Show up at meetings in your underwear causing Nancy Peelowski to hold at press conference and endorse you while not remembering your name without drugs from your delivery boy.

  12. and send you to cell phone Towers anonymous to get off the drugs to get rid of cell phone towers that are f**** killing people

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