Pres. Trump’s pick for Navy Secretary withdraws name

Philip Bilden has withdrawn his name from consideration for Navy Secretary


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37 thoughts on “Pres. Trump’s pick for Navy Secretary withdraws name

  1. The three biggest withdrawal reasons in my opinion are most likely 1) Fear of opposition e.g. protests and being branded racist etc 2) Threats like the College Voters got during the election 3) Coercion into withdrawal e.g. sympathy for the opposition, incentivised arrangements (bribes) etc. Since Trump has a knack for great picks, his final team will be a smashing hit that will be nothing short of brave men and women with high skill and intelligence!

  2. …this administration is a clusterfuck and has the stench of Russia surrounding it. A sensible person would steer clear of this shit show.

  3. Trump will be impeached, it's inevitable, everyone in the upper echelon of the Establishment knows that, nobody wants to be a causality in this political fight.

  4. I dont give a shit Mr. President, just help us make our one dollar worth 100 without too much inflation and keep our homeland safe.
    Fox reports Trump NAVY Sec Name Withdraw -5/10 We want better news

  5. "Bill den" DONT you get it??? Hahahaha. Okay you were never in the military then. Quit bitching. Billden withdraws? Grow up. I guess you have to be from the east coast(;

  6. cause he makes more money selling military vendors equipment to his cronies and splitting commissions than he would make being navy secretary…… americans might be waking up to how their world turns…. finally

  7. traitor trump will never hav a complete cabinet there's not enough fools desperate enough to work for the orange infant who could be vetted

  8. Probably because Trump doesn't act like he and most other Americans think that a president should act, but what does it matter as long as he's getting shit done? I think he's doing a great job so far.

  9. That sounds strange.
    How can he be the "pick" and "withdraw from consideration"?
    One would think that withdrawing from consideration would come before the pick.

  10. Who would want to work with tiny dick Trump. Melania is banging the plumber in NYC and hasn't given tiny dick Trump a taste since the election.

  11. And BTW the Navy don't want nothing to do with Trump. He nearly got that SEAL team wiped out. The father of that dead SEAL is calling for an investigation on that raid, but republikkkans don't care.

  12. More than likely, he was and still is an exceptional choice. But, the political climate, being as hostile as it is, he decided otherwise. President Trump has more support than everyone in Washington, have problems grappling with.

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