Powerful earthquake strikes Mexico

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake has hit southern Mexico on Tuesday, killing dozens of people and causing serious damage to buildings in the capital. It has occurred on the anniversary of a 1985 quake that inflicted major damage to Mexico City.

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40 thoughts on “Powerful earthquake strikes Mexico

  1. I cannot believe this same area of Mexico and the coast is still shaking 4+ earthquakes. Something big is coming and it may be in California.

  2. another earthquake this week hit mexico ??????????im sad…. soo sad many innocent died because of the plenty SINNERS….

  3. This season is literally natural disaster season. Hurricane Harvey in Florida, Hurricane Irma in Carribean, and now, giant earthquake in Mexico. What's next?

  4. This is only starting of Allah anger, say ahead what is happening more, this is all the results of killing innocent Muslims and also because there misrepresenting around the world

  5. Good Judgment of god Amirica with masonic illuminati kill so many child in SYRIE Afghanistan and iraq lybie accuse muslim terroriste

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