Piracy in Indian Ocean affecting Seychelles economy

(11 Aug 2009)
AP Television
Seychelles, July 2009
1. Wide of Beau Vallon beach in Victoria
2. Mid of tourists on the beach
3. Mid of a catamaran yacht off shore
4. Wide onboard the USS Arleigh Burke approaching the Seychelles
5. Mid of a U.S sailor behind a machine gun
6. Close up of sailor looking through his binoculars
7. Wide USS Arleigh Burke approaching one of the islands
8. Wide of the Seychelles harbour of Victoria with cargo ships docked
9. Mid of cargo ships at harbour
10. Mid of the Seychelles harbour
11. Wide of the harbour and the hills of Victoria with a rainbow
12. Various exteriors of Seychelles Tourism Board
13. Set up of chairman and CEO of the Tourism Board, Maurice Loustau-Lalanne
14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, CEO Seychelles Tourism Board:
“We had as you know two unfortunate attacks which led into the ship and the crew being taken hostage and this has had a direct impact. We have had cancellation of one or two cruise ship visits to the outer islands of Aldabera in particular, so in a financial loss we can say we’ve lost about 500,000 Euros ($720,000) of direct impact.”
15. Various of street in Victoria
16.SOUNDBITE: (English) Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, CEO Seychelles Tourism Board:
“Yes I think the fishing industry has been affected much more than the tourism industry and we have also suffered an indirect consequence of shipping and as you know we are an island state and everything that we require in Seychelles is basically imported and our shipping lanes have also been affected. I think the cost of freight has increased, the cost of insurance, all the commodities have increased so it has increased our cost of living quite significantly.”
17. Mid of market stalls
18. Various of fish sellers at market
19. Coconut milk seller at work
20. SOUNDBITE: Derek Samson, Coconut milk seller :
“Before everywhere is full with tourists, you had to say, ‘excuse me I want to pass’ but now everything is going up in this country. I don’t know why. But Seychelles needs the tourists to make the economy go high but now nothing.”
21. Various of sailing boat
22. Wide of sunset on the beach
The economy of the Seychelles has slowed in recent months as a result of the rise in pirate attacks off its coastline.
Such attacks have led to a reduction in visitor numbers prompting the authorities to seek ways to combat piracy.
The economy of the Seychelles, which depends mainly on tourism and fishing, is suffering from the effects of pirate attacks in the Indian Ocean.
The island’s economy depends heavily on tourism, and it appears the authorities are intent on sending a strong message to the pirates with increasing patrols along its vast coastline.
The USS Arleigh Burke, a guided missile destroyer is on a training mission for Africa Partnership Station (APS) to train countries in East Africa on maritime safety and security. APS is an international initiative aimed at improving maritime safety and security for the African continent.
The U.S. Navy and other nations have international authority to battle pirates in the open seas and come to the aid of vessels under attack.
Several pirate attacks on cruise ships near the Seychelles in recent months have had a direct and significant impact on the island nation’s tourism industry, according to Maurice Loustau-Lalane, chairman and CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board.
The other main source of income for the Seychelles is shipping and fishing, according to Maurice Loustau-Lalanne. These have has also been badly affected by the pirate attacks.
In the last year, pirates have attacked yachts,trawlers, small fishing boats and cruise ships in waters around the Seychelles.

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