Photos of female US marines shared on Facebook without consent

Photos of dozens of female US marines have been shared without their consent on a Facebook page called “Marines United”.

In the photos, some taken without permission, the victims are nude and are identified by their names, rank and duty stations.

The Facebook page containing the images is private. Its members, all male, are retired and active servicemen.

“Multiple victims recently began speaking out about those unauthorised posts. But they received threats and backlash in an attempt to quiet them. We will not be silenced,” said Erika Butner, a former marine.

Al Jazeera’s Gerald Tan reports.

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45 thoughts on “Photos of female US marines shared on Facebook without consent

  1. All this "scandal" shows is that women shouldn't be allowed in the military at all and are nothing but a liability to good order and discipline.

  2. notice how many followers this "so called page had" yet there are 0 marines who knew about this page. the female(victim) isnt a marine. Camp Lejeune and Camp Pendleton knows nothing about an investigation. the so called page(marines united) is still open with very little activity. this is a HOAX…. WAKE UP AMERICA… STOP BELIEVING THE MEDIA.

  3. All you people thinking this is a joke and saying pictures or it didn't happen grow some balls and stop acting like 8 year olds. I don't see you risking your life for the country and if you did serve you're twice a disgrace.

  4. Do all women have nude photos of themselves? Is this… normal? Just asking as I really don't know — I am a man…

  5. what did these women expect? that is what happens when you post your nudes. try exercising some restraint ladies

  6. Let’s be clear about America’s high-and-tight military cranks, buffoons, and standard-issue moonglow conscripts with IQs lower than the March outside temperature in Minneapolis—these bums have made 35 armed incursions worldwide since 1946 without a victory. Not a single win. Nada, zip, zilch, nope, and “Are you kidding?”

    How’s that for martial prowess and my gun’s bigger than your gun?

    Starting with fruitcake “Dugout Doug” MacArthur who often reported to the New York cops that Chi-Com troops were advancing over the Queensboro Bridge on his Beekman Towers apartment, consider the “I Like Ike” golf ball, Miss Earle Wheeler, knuckle-headed Westmorland, “I’m-in-Charge” Haig, Schwarzkopf, Shinseki, Franks, Petraeus and his girlfriend, cue-ball Odierno, Abrams, and the Taliban’s all-time-fave, one McChrystal. America’s Looney-Tunes military has given us an entire roster of goofballs, nitwits, cranks, and boobies with no victories since 1946, though they gave us My Lai in 1968.

    57,614 dead and wounded Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan alone. And these brass hats aren’t in jail?

  7. If this is a "shame", then why did you take your naked photos?

    Everybody got crazy. It's a mad mad mad world…

  8. TO all woman MARINES,
    If you want to earn respect from men you have to first respect yourself.
    I have worked in a male dominated field all of my life. I’m not lesbian.I think it's a good idea to avoid sexual discussions with co-workers. I do not condone any type of harassment of women. I don’t tolerate it in my life and I wouldn’t expect any less from you. I am on the fence about Feminist’s.

    Story of my time in the Marines, one of many. While I was an active duty WM, I got the best gift a woman could get. I learned the confidence that has kept me resilient and able to take on a lot of challenges.

    I attribute to that to this experience: I was the only woman Marine to pass a WSSI course (water safety survival Instructor) at Quantico, VA, (The Basic School) where I was stationed. Four other women were dropped as we trained. I started the training looking forward to being an Instructor for US Marine Officers at TBS. I applied and tried to… DENY.

    Imagine an attractive woman Marine standing at the side of a pool with 20 Officers doing laps in Chamo’s and boots, with backpack and rifle yelling MOVE IT MARINES! How would that be for moral? I'm sure the Commandant had something to say about that too. Of course I was crushed at first. Over the years it dawned on me that for good reason, I did not instruct at TBS – NOR was I even offered a job to fail at because they wanted to “show me”. The Marines saved me that heartache and let me walk away feeling like a champion! They offered me I could transfer if I wanted to apply at other bases. I went back to transporting explosives. That was OK.

    No matter how small it is I wish an experience like that for ALL woman Marines.
    Honorably discharged, USMC BAM

  9. There's a distinct lack of moral compassing for some of the individuals commenting on this video. No one should have their intimate photos shared without their consent, and no one should be blamed for being a victim in all of this.

  10. Embarrassment to the Corp???? How about the personal safety, well-being
    and health of all the women who have been traumatize by these thoughtless
    monsters. This is treason and terrorism at it's worst. It's a sad day when your
    fellow marines, soldiers, airmen don't even have your back. These are men
    NO ONE can believe in during times of war. Kick all of them out, NOW! Good

  11. This comment section clearly shows that there is practically no difference between Islamic fundamentalist and American right-wing conservatives when it comes to women.

  12. This comment section is 80 percent fkn garbage …. people ur shitholes go fk ur self and don't leave ur house ur a waste to life ur self

  13. Some traditional discipline is in order if they care about restoring order from the fuckery of this age. Send in the Inquisition =][= This lack of discipline and perversion of duty should be dealt with severely. Executions, lashes, penal regiment assignments need to be handed out like dollars are to the useless congress. No one should be safe.

  14. You don't need permission to share pictures that are public. Don't take naked pictures if you dont want people to see them.

  15. this is not new.. back in around 2005 I was in a juvenile center and an D.O that was in the Marines told us how prostitution and specially drugs were being used so soldiers go in to combat without having any fears…

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