Pentagon Sending Marines To East Asia – Countering Chinese

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Edited by Arno Bolbolian

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41 thoughts on “Pentagon Sending Marines To East Asia – Countering Chinese

  1. Hi folks, to give some insight, albeit a bit late. China is expanding its claims to the South China Sea, a heavily disputed marine area to which several nations have claims. The chinese communist party has ordered small artificial islands to be build in the sea to have a stronger claim to the territory. They are also building military infrastructure on these small islands. Since the South China Sea is important for fishing industry and even more important for ship transportation routes the chinese communist party bullies other ships it does not want there with its marine. Now the US moves in to bully back and probably make sure that they don't build more military island bases.

  2. Who's ready for a Pacific war with China and ground war with Russia. N. Korea gonna bitch out and take a deal. Japan is revising it's constitution AS WE SPEAK. Shit bout to be lit af.

  3. There are currently British tanks in Estonia a short drive from the Russian border and a few hours drive from Saint Petersburg. Are the US and UK politicians and senior military trying to provoke WW3?
    Ronald Reagan promised Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin that “NATO” (a euphemism for US/UK military) wouldn’t move into former Warsaw Pact countries. It’s no surprise the rest of the world don’t trust our governments.

  4. We do need to counter China but we need to counter it the right way. China is building up its economic power and global connections in the world so that one day China will be able to sanction the US for even letting the Dalai Lama be interviewed by a comedian. It is sad, but China has more sway over US companies than how much our own government has sway over US companies.

  5. That article demonstrates not only is our corruption similar to ancient Rome, our military thinks we are living in ancient Rome or age of 18th century imperialism of endless war and colonization of European nations… our generals have played too much Empire Total War and other video games, and think they're real.

  6. Marines were fighting men aboard ships. That is why the Corps. is part of the Navy. They were used for ship-to-ship combat. Also as invasion forces. They were essentially the 18th and 19th century version of airborne troops.

  7. Don't be surprised by the high number of Military Personnel in Guam…Guam is and has been since WW2 a strategic military outpost because of it's location far closer to Asia than Hawaii. It's a far better military outpost option than Hawaii which was the previous major Pacific military outpost for the United States because of it's location, and because of it's low non-military population.

    The high numbers in Japan/Korea are because of WW2/Korean War respectively. The presence on the Korean peninsula is not entirely unwarranted, but it would be much better if we could draw those numbers down instead of ratcheting them up as escalation has historically proven it doesn't work… The Japanese presence at this point is unacceptable. We dropped 2 nukes on them and are still occupying their land 70+ years later.

  8. China, a 3rd world poor country 40 years ago, unable to supply potable water or electricity to even half of there country is a potential threat. The fact our oligarchy moved our jobs there and created this faux threat is ignored. China, the country that makes our crucial systems for our missile is seen as our enemy. And of course they don't steal or copy that technology. So now the question is, will China still make our Cruise Missile components if we are at war with them? A country as stupid and frightened as the US, should be disarmed by the world.

  9. It's all about grabbing those natural resources, just like PNAC said. Now China is challenging us for those resources and we have to move to prevent them from being able to take them.

  10. "growing chinese influence" omfg what a laughable "made up threat"……….imagine if china/russia got involved with our tampering of central america as well as our various trade agreements in the "americas"………because of "americas growing influence in its region" its own damn region omfg……………..a finite parallel to draw in the crazy that is america v russia v china. because they like the rest of the world including the cia use dirty shit(drugs/extortion/guns&ammo) as a form of currency black market GDP……..smh. This is almost too laughable the level of exceptionalism and sensationalism that sweeps up america and the facts and logic and reality right over them so that the rest of the world may play in and with reality since we hate it so much. As ridiculous me making hopefully for the first time this erroneous statement/claim………yeah china already influencing weather with its weather changing chem trail technology etc its passed down to us…..that China uses to flood SEA markets that produce RAM/optics for printers or HDD…… that their markets can flourish……..coughs im making the erroneous claim that the HDD optics floodings that prompted SSD/flash memory sales and eventual mass ram conglomeration and consumption "think samsung"……….was all master planned by china. To promote growth for south korea………it seems less logical the more logic that is put into it……which is why its more fun making it out as an erroneous claim like much and many theorists love to do

  11. Thanks for the actual reporting. The military is used to hiding its actions behind lingo. Jimmy Dore can see that we're using our military to threaten economic growth, like any other empire. The only phrase you missed: littoral combat ships are shallow-draft ships designed for littoral zones, or waters that come and go with the tides, or areas that get splashed but not covered by tidewater. The kinds of places that you would expect Marines to fight. Remember those landing craft from D-Day with the front ramp? Like those, only bristling with modern weapons and technology.

  12. What is with the media fawning over "fat boy's" sister at the Olympics too? Being polite is one thing, but this family is responsible for the repression of an entire country and they treat her like a fairy fucking princess? I'm confused.
    What is their angle?

  13. The military is paid with loans (mostly from the FED). If there wasn't military all over the world, there wouldn't be nearly as much loans. And that spells PRINTING MONEY. You're never gonna pay those loans back. You pay some, and take more new loans. No loans, no money in the system. – Of ourse you could pay doctors and cops instead…

  14. America is mad because they are no longer #1 in anything. So, they are going to start a war? Tantrum much? Who did China declare war on while they were creeping to the top? Perhaps we should follow suit instead of increasing military spending at the cost of our own citizens.

  15. America keeps butting in where they don't belong. Their leaders should butt out they are smoking something and its making them paranoid.

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