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PARIS RIOTS 2017 | Why The Media Is Silent | Marine Le Pen | The Death Of France | French Election

The mainstream media are afraid of covering the Paris riots because they know more people will support Marine Le Pen.

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  • The Iconoclast says:

    Just read even MORE riots have broken out in Paris today. Share this video and I will kiss your feet.

  • Dimitar Berbatov says:

    Europe is Dead.

  • sahiel5 says:

    God im glad i live in Poland – white country
    cant wait till that old hore france and germany will burnin civil war

  • maxxie bloodrainbow says:

    Keep migrants out of Europe

  • H Slot says:

    0:34 backpack AGENT PROVOCATEUR

  • ThePeabody01 says:

    It's curious how the globalist agenda defeats itself. Riots, creating nationality, refugees create nationality. Nation votes out globalism. If globalism can't be voted out it will be revolted out.

  • HuHu says:

    Le Pen will win the elections.

  • Gamle Ole says:

    Liberal cock suckers are history in Europe.

  • Jez says:

    last week I commented you will have over 1000 subs in a month. It's been a week and you nearly have 500. Well done.

  • Dj Leekid's 94 says:

    It's REAL!!! i living in Paris suburbs and it's a little civil war here!!!!! the french police killing every month two black and arabian young guys!!!! TWO DEAD!! every month YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!

  • mistermackum16 says:

    Now that was a report

    5 stars, great Job
    Go La Pen,
    From the USA

  • #1avnm florida says:

    France is a BUT F_CK  country Full of Gays And fag but fu-k COPS  WE all know this. They just got caught. Hear comes the cover up!! It is all about BAD COPs and internal policing,  (cover up).!   Go la pen**

  • patslam88 says:

    Viva la revolution!! The world wide revolution will be kicked off by the French its so poetic. Wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Roses Of Time says:

    Lebanon was the last Christian country in the Middle East until 1972 when hundreds of thousands of Muslim "refugees"invaded…Beirut, once called the "Paris" of the Middle East was burned to the round…now it is a Muslim majority country…Europe is going the same way….

  • Telma Elma says:

    They created isis to push the people to all these countries, there they created conflicts and the conclusion is? That the populations vote right wing parties. So who profits the most from this, who could be responsible? 😉

  • Lisa Chant says:

    Wake up people !!!

  • Woogie Wagnoski says:

    They should not do any business with middle east problem solved.

  • Woogie Wagnoski says:

    I want to go to Europe once the migraints are gone, Let's make Europe great again.

  • Moosey Moose says:

    Some kid gets a night stick rammed up his ass by some racist cop, I think that is reason for people to be pissed!

  • Mikke Raccoon says:

    The French had so many colonies that they robbed raped so many countries just like the English ! so now France is being colonised by Muslims and black people from former colonies from Africa !.. its called Karma !! Raping and robing , killing millions of people in former colonies ! KARMA !! I hate France people are rude ,cold and arrogant , I will never will visit again !
    Here is the list of colonies !!!
    French Morocco (1912–1956) (protectorate) (89% of the current territory) (now Morocco)
    French Algeria (1832–1962) (Algeria)
    French colony of El Kala (1560–1829)
    French Tunisia (1881–1956) (protectorate) (Tunisia)
    French West Africa[edit]
    Ivory Coast (1843–1960)
    Dahomey or French Dahomey (now Benin) (1883–1960)
    Independent of Dahomey, under French protectorate in 1889
    Porto-Novo (protectorate) (1863–1865, 1882)
    Cotonou (protectorate) (1868)
    French Sudan (now Mali) (1883–1960)
    Senegambia and Niger (1902-1904)
    Guinea or French Guinea (1891–1958)
    Mauritania (1902–1960)
    Adrar emirate (protectorate) (1909)
    The Taganit confederation's emirate (protectorate) (1905)
    Brakna confederation's emirate (protectorate)
    Emirate of Trarza (protectorate) (1902)
    Niger (1890–1960)
    Sultanate of Damagaram (Zinder) (protectorate) (1899)
    Senegal (1677–1960)
    French Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) (1896–1960)
    French Togoland (1918–1960) (formerly a German colony, mandate became a French colony) (now Togo)
    The Enclaves of Forcados and Badjibo (territory under a lease of 30 years) (1900–1927)
    The Emirate of Muri (Northeast of Nigeria) (1892–1893)
    Albreda (1681–1857)
    Kunta Kinteh Island (1695-1697-1702)
    French Equatorial Africa[edit]
    Chad (1900–1960)
    Oubangui-Chari (currently Central African Republic) (1905–1960)
    Dar al-Kuti (protectorate) (1897) (in 1912 its sultanate was suppressed by the French)
    Sultanate of Bangassou (protectorate) (1894)
    Present-day The Republic of Congo, then French Congo (1875–1960)
    Gabon (1839–1960)
    French Cameroon (91% of current Cameroon) (1918–1960) (formerly a German colony, Mandate, Protectorate then French Colony)
    São Tomé and Príncipe (1709)
    French East Africa[edit]
    Madagascar (1896–1960)
    Kingdom of Imerina (protectorate) (1896)
    Isle de France (1715–1810) (now Mauritius)
    Djibouti (French Somaliland) (the French Territory of the Afars and the Issas) (French Somalia) (1862–1977)
    Mayotte (1841–present)
    Seychelles (1756–1810)
    Chagos Archipelago (1721–1745)(1768–1814)
    The Scattered Islands (Banc du Geyser, Bassas da India, Europa Island, Juan de Nova Island, Glorioso Islands, Tromelin Island)
    Comoros (1866–1975)
    Réunion (1710–present)

  • Lori Delia says:

    Save France !Vive La France! Vote Le Pen!

  • Truth Hurts says:

    f islam

  • Truth Hurts says:

    f Google

  • MrShakur22 says:

    Very good and accurate video,thancks,Marine le Pen has a very good chance to win this election,and as a french man,i'll do all i can so that it happens.

  • Insane Orange says:

    Going to post this on

  • paul Smith says:

    This multiracial experiment is completely un-mandated, which wouldn't have been a problem if the utopia they envisioned actually materialized. Predictably it has been a disaster of unimaginable proportions which is a huge problem for the establishment.

  • Joey Nelson says:

    vote Marine Le Pen viva la France!

  • Serge Villanova says:

    LOL. These riots have nothing to do with the dude that was arrested.

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