Panetta Disarms Marines in Afghanistan Amid Fears of Possible Rogue Marine Shooting

It has been denied that Secretary of Defense Panetta’s disarming of Marines in Afghanistan March 14 had anything to do with a rogue Army sniper’s killing of sixteen Afghan civilians earlier in the week, but many are calling the move highly unusual, and one source states disarming Marines in a combat zone is contrary to military protocol. Approximately two hundred Marines were told to leave their weapons outside a tent while listening to Panetta’s speech, but many state disarming the Marines will lead to a morale problem due to a high official distrusting his own troops. Sources state the Marines felt uncomfortable being without their weapons in what is essentially a war zone. What many considered a rush to judgement given the the rogue U.S. sniper’s history of PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain injury), Leon Panetta had stated almost immediately that the soldier could face the death penalty. This was odd and hypocritical to many, given that many feel the Obama administration ostensibly armed drug cartels with Fast and Furious weapons that were used to kill hundreds of Mexican citizens, and at least two U.S. citizens, Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata, and no one has called for the death penalty in these cases, let alone actual charges being filed.
3/14/12 By Kris Zane

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7 thoughts on “Panetta Disarms Marines in Afghanistan Amid Fears of Possible Rogue Marine Shooting

  1. we send them there and we disarm them. People have a clue how the marines started and it is full voluntary since day one. Do you really want to dishonor the the Team of Americans started in 1775  that volunteers to protect this country.
    I bet he don't walk in tums tavern soon

  2. What kind of idiot is the current Secretary of Defense? Go figure a US Army Lieutenant Disarming Marines in a combat zone he obviously has his head in his fore point of contact. I was an enlisted soldier in the US Army and unfortunately I understand how a green Lieutenant in the Army could make such a request. I would LIKE to think by the time that Lieutenant reaches the level of SECDEF they would have confidence in all the members of the US Armed Forces. Semper Fi Marines.

  3. @imcal101 LOL right or Gaddafi can drive around in SUV and wave @ his people through the sunroof yet in the "land of the free" the King (BARRY) can't go to the bathroom without al-CIA-da protection. Now all the GOP candidates are wanting CIA goon squad to protect then; EXCEPT Dr. Ron Paul the Only choice for President in 2012.

  4. They were ordered to go outside the tent. then they stuck their weapons inside the tent and shot him?.. Which one did it?

  5. Funny how Saddam could stand in front of Iraq soldiers shooting Ak-47s in the air BUT
    Panetta Can't trust the Troops????

  6. ok maybe this might wake some up????? but i wouldn't bet on it!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW it is against military protocol to disarm in a war zone

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