Our President Sends A Nuclear Surprise To North Korea After Kim Jong Un Threatens ‘Hail Of Fire’

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Another day, another threat from North Korea. The leader of that rogue nation, Kim Jong-un, is not one for diplomacy or measured responses. But just as we on the Right view this maniac through the lens of sane people, the loons on the Left view our president as a maniac bent on the destruction of North Korea. I ask you, then, “How many missiles have we been test firing? How many times did we say that we now have the capability of hitting the East Coast of North Korea or the capital?
Oh, right…zero. So why then is the Left so convinced that Donald Trump has been the one to escalate this war of words with the short, squat idiot who believes he is a God incarnate? Because any other explanation would not fit with the agenda that the Democrat National Committee (DNC) would put forth. Nor would the Party of the Jackass be able to rant on the floor of the House and the Senate.

The United States, however, has not been complacent. Between the daily briefings of the Secretary of Defense, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis and his Chiefs of Staff, the president and his Cabinet, America has been on the watch for anything untoward from that nation. The South Korean officials have also been vigilant. In addition to watchfulness, the US just bolstered its claim that it’s willing to pay back with fire and fury by sending a second nuclear warship, the USS Roosevelt aircraft carrier, to the Korean Peninsula!


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26 thoughts on “Our President Sends A Nuclear Surprise To North Korea After Kim Jong Un Threatens ‘Hail Of Fire’

  1. We are doing the same thing threatening. It is a shame the way we keep threatening and do nothing. I say bomb the s.o.b.'s until there is nothing left. If we are not going to then quit saying it and let them do us.

  2. Someone please take that fat little pig in one of his prison then get someone who truly is behind helping those people there in nk

  3. Obama a Muslim, yes, I feel that he is. Iran and n. Korea not to be trusted. their words mean nothing, like pigs in a blanket. you can put lipstick on a pig, but in the end, it's still a pig


  5. Trump is right. Trump has sent his most fierce fighting force to North Korea just to get you in line. The first wrong move you make the fighting force I mention will strip down to their shorts lay their weapons aside and go in and kick all of your asses. They don't need weapons, these fighting men are the top of their line and just one word and they will be on top of you before you know what the hell to think. They will leave nothing but broken bones black eyes, broken faces legs, arms and necks in their wake. and they will booby trap all of your weapons so do just as you please but remember one thing this is a fair warning to any of the likes of you.

  6. Support our troops and President or just leave our country. If not for our troops no one wou ld be able to have freedom of speech. Im proud to have a President who has the strength to get things done.

  7. The left is just Bat shit crazy an that Democrats are responsible for this mess an there lack of leadership when they ran with Obama in charge, the Democrats had a good talk but that's all they did is talk an betrayed the American public!!!

  8. I personally think they should set them up and then be the first one to throw the bomb because the other side is getting more time to plan his move .We have to hit first because they are reall getting stronger so it's time

  9. One way or another you guys are going to have to take him out because if you don't take him out the Earth is going to continuously suffer but nobody pays attention to that I guess

  10. Looks like from his video threat and the recent pictures that Kimmie Rocket Boy has some serious heart problems. He doesn't care one whit about his country, only about his twisted egoic vision of himself as the ruler of the world. Dude even caused a really bad earthquake in his own country! I feel sorry for his starving countrymen. People of the world know he's insane but won't try to stop him. Two year olds throwing tantrums should not be allowed to play with bombs for sure. It's a sad situation but President Trump is the best man to handle it. Do what you gotta do just like you are going to do, President Trump! America stands with you!

  11. PRESIDENT TRUMP, just nuke the little short fat weeble and see him fall down! North Korea is one big joke. the people are all inbred to listen and believe what the little weeble tells a them
    Nuke North Korea and pave it over as a parking lot for South Korea

  12. I'm getting sick and tired of this war of words and chest beating useless shows of power. President Trump, it is absolutely clear that no amount of negotiations, threats, supplication, or sanctions will stop North Korea from its relentless pursuit of acquiring the means to attack the United States. It is also clear that no matter what it does to defend itself the United States will receive raging criticism from the outside world. Your job is to ignore all of that, your popularity contest was with the American voters and you won. Those are you ONLY constituents, Americans. Anything less than a full nuclear first strike will unnecessarily cost American lives. That should be your number one concern, not the verbal condemnation of the rest of the world. Are you going to do your job of protecting American from North Korea or not? If you are, what are you waiting for? It's not going to get any better with time, only worse. Now do it or step aside for someone who will.

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