NGO and Libyan coast guard blame each other for botched migrant rescue

Five migrants have died as a German NGO and the Libyan coast guard tried to rescue them from their sinking dinghy in the Mediterranean, with each side blaming the other for botching the operation.

Germany’s Seawatch said its rescue ship was helping dozens of migrants on the deflating boat in international waters off the Libyan coast on Monday (Nov. 6 ) when a Libyan coast guard boat also began to take migrants onboard.

Seawatch said the Libyan coast guard caused panic by “beating and threateni…
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3 thoughts on “NGO and Libyan coast guard blame each other for botched migrant rescue

  1. This is a war crime against people escaping persecution, torture & rape.

    UK (& European) funded Libyan coastguard ships are taking people trying to escape back to Libya for rape & torture. Europe is allowing this to put a stop to migrants, but there are much better ways to do this i.e. Make them feel safer at home.

  2. The radio to the Libyan Coast Guard from the Italian Navy Helicopter:
    00:01:13 – Italy Navy Helicopter – CH16: Libyan coastguard, Libyan coastguard, this is Italian Navy helicopter, people are jumping in the water. Stop your engine and please cooperate with Sea-Watch. Please, cooperate with Sea-Watch!
    00:01:33 – Italy Navy Helicopter – CH16: Sea-Watch, Sea-Watch [.?.] on coastguard [.?.] This is Italian Navy helicopter, channel 16 we want you to stop now, NOW, NOW! Lybian coastguard, lybian coastguard, you have one person on the right side, please stop your engine! Stop your engine !
    00:02:03 – Italy Navy Helicopter – CH16: Stop your engine now ! Stop your engine ! You have [.?.] person on your right side, please, stop !
    00:02:17 – Italy Navy Helicopter – CH16: Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop your engine, stop your engine now. Stop your engine now, please!

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