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New US Navy recruits arrive at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Chicago, Illinois

New recruits for the US Navy line up on a train platform after arriving in Chicago. Sailors in uniform organize the recruits into groups. The next scene shows the recruits, carrying personal belongings, being escorted through the gates of the Great lakes Naval Training Center. Several US Navy officers step from an official staff car and are seen posing in front of a flag pole at the Navy Station. The senior officer is Captain William A. Moffett, USN, Commandant of the center, flanked by a Lieutenant Commander and a Lieutenant, and two other officers in the background. Captain Moffett is later seen observing the new recruits as they are escorted on the base. Next, the recruits are seen carrying white towels as they march to a building where they will be issued personal clothing and uniforms. Later they are seen marching in their new summer uniforms, carrying their original civilian luggage. Under the watchful eyes of the officers, the new sailors use their new mess kits to get food from a chow line. Captain Moffett watches and converses with other officers (not seen). The recruits are next seen, in winter blues, exiting a building carrying their bedding, and presumably headed toward their billets. (World War I; World War 1; WWI; WW1) Location: Chicago Illinois. Date: 1918.

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2 thoughts on “New US Navy recruits arrive at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Chicago…HD Stock Footage

  1. Anybody dare to guess what year this is? early 1920's? I dare say this is probably the oldest video of navy boot camp….like going back in time.

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