With fear that the largest eruption yet is imminent, new massive cracks are threatening neighborhoods and lives on Hawaii’s Big Island.
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New Fissure Leads To More Lava And Toxic Gas In Hawaii | NBC Nightly News


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32 thoughts on “New Fissure Leads To More Lava And Toxic Gas In Hawaii | NBC Nightly News


  2. Population of hawaii should evacuate the island. Volcanic eruptions not stop. Historically look at the island eruption how many days it lasted. The damages.deaths and loss of lives and stock.
    Is history repeating itself? But worse

  3. It's fighting with Islam truth religion for god name Allah not name rebert or jemie all you see falow mum drunk me to drunk falow father enimies me to enemies this only example to know truth life you need to study if you mother stupid or father stupid no get as them stupid fallow good life you will have good life

  4. God made angry when get human no want listen how god Kik Adams from heaven making noise no listen all human bad and good making mistake without thinking and other riches used fake religion to taking money and taking human far from God to not to be smart separated and press to lose

  5. Where technology can stop that boolshit creating phone electronic but still little technology god creating volcano breath storm to breath storm and yard every thing moment when god want want said move move that mean god it's kids to show human still weak and human creating toys example phone car all this technology watch only little 1 % nothing

  6. No, an eruption from Halemaumau Crater is NOT going to resemble the Mount St. Helens one in size, scope, amount of ash or impact on any substantially populated area. An erroneous comparison.

  7. After the ash shuts down the airports that's when everyone will start to realize they should have listened to the experts I hope nobody gets hurt

  8. will people living there end up with major lung problems.? doesnt seem like anyone credible is there to give informed guidance. It seems very unknown and speculative. so sorry for them.

  9. By the way. We all live over a volcano. The hard layer between us and thousands of miles of hot rock and metal is just thinner in some places.

    Think about that while you are walking around.

  10. My 2 cents, this is definitely a warning..
    Like storm clouds in Kansas..
    Earthquakes around the fault lines..
    Not a matter of if.. you get it..

  11. God is going to destroy this island for worshiping false gods I pray the people make it out safe but it deserve to be completely wipe out

  12. Why doesn't NBC have a reporter on the ground that understands at least a bit about volcanic geology? To suggest that the eruption of Mt Saint Helens and Hawaii are similar is simply wrong. The volcano which "blew" in Oregon, typical of many of the "Ring of Fire" volcanos, is a COMPOSITE CONE, quite different than the SHIELD VOLCANOs of which Hawaii is composed. Get it right NBC!!! Showing images of the pyroclastic flow of Mt Saint Helen, and intimating that the Big Island will do the same thing, is incorrect and only causes more fear.

  13. GOD bless the people of Hawaii who have to endure this disaster, and who have lost their homes and property. We're praying that this will end soon!

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