New Brunswick flood zone residents share their experience coping with the damage to their homes.
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19 thoughts on “New Brunswick flood zone residents cope with damage to homes

  1. Government incompetence is rampant in Canada by design.
    Note to advertisers = if you show me a commercial in any language but English = i will never buy your product.

  2. CBC you're jerks. I made a comment on CBC website that comments shouldn't be allowed. Nasty comments. That I hope that the people affected get the help they need. I get banned 7 days for that. Get real.

  3. why do they close the roads? what if the victims have to buy something..this is so dumb….it's like how people used to deal with the pandemics 400 years ago… "just quarantine them" … lol this is so dumb.

  4. Imagine how much money it costs us taxpayers for cbc to make this video… nothing but corporate welfare and corperate greed.

  5. have Canadian ever heard of Levee and Embankment?
    most "rich" country build such structures to protect civilisation from flooding. it is to control water. i guess not.

  6. Government in Atlantic Canada is garbage,especially in Nova Scotia,washing money from budget,why they didn't take care
    before,why wasn't build proper drainage system.
    In Halifax,garbage everywhere,
    Streets not cleaned,garbage flying everywhere,it is ridiculous,and I think Government not gonna give any help to all those people.

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