Navy veteran declines award at Saints game over protests

Retired commander John Wells explains on ‘Fox & Friends.’


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32 thoughts on “Navy veteran declines award at Saints game over protests

  1. To the majority of individuals on this video….I pray for you. To make statements like this means you don't know Him( God), or you have "stepped" away from Him!

  2. Way to go Mr. Wells! We thank you for your service to the USA. We agree… sports fans do not want to pay their hard earned money and time off work to watch political protests. The Protesting New Orleans Saints are a waste of time and Anti-American!!!!

  3. Fuck Fox News ….u assholes didn’t even let this guy finish what he had to say…..u don’t cutoff senators when they’re speaking. ??

  4. Thank you for your service sir! We the real people stand behind you! God bless all our military and service officers and have our gratitude..peace..we salute you!

  5. Now here is a real patriot, everybody who loves their country, would never watch, or buy a ticket to an NFL game. The players, owners and Goodall are enemies of the country. Paid too much and given undeserved respect

  6. I'm exercising my actual 1st amendment right: "NFL Player Protesters are IDIOTS". It's not a free speech issue. You are governed by Work Rules at work. When you're not at work you can exercise your actual 1st amendment right and bash your country, cops, robbers, cowboys, Indians or anything else your privileged little heart desires!

  7. Boycot the nfl till they start understanding who really controls the purse and makes the real decisions. These dancing monkeys need a pay restructure, what they're really worth, no more than qualified tradesman. Stage, grid, court or field, if the people say a dancing monkey gets this, that's what they get, period. Stand up to these crooks and make America honest again

  8. I've had it with overpaid pretty boys in tights who have no idea of what it means to be loyal to the ideal which has allowed them to escape having to work for a living. To hell with the NFL.

  9. that black man was like its just one game. It doesnt matter they disrespect the military and still continue to do it by telling him it was ok that he didnt accept the award then run to the media and play victim and act like they like the vets

  10. The longer the NFL continues, the worse it will get. They are on a one way train to nowhere. NFL athletes…WAKE UP!!

    “You'll never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — get out there and use all that money you make, your time and your celebrity to make a positive difference for at-risk youths in high crime communities. Stop asking others to do things for you.

    "Five, four, three, two. We don't have a doggone clue!”

    Watch Brandon Tatum breakdown the NFL protest through the correct lense–>

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