Navy Vet Make Disgusting Saints Players Pay | Refused To Accept ‘Tainted’ Award On Their Field

Please watch: “CAREER Is Over – Robert De Niro Just Busted In Disgusting Act AFTER SLAMMING TRUMP”
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Navy Vet Make Disgusting Saints Players Pay | Refused To Accept ‘Tainted’ Award On Their Field

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Thank you for watching this video –
Navy Vet Make Disgusting Saints Players Pay | Refused To Accept ‘Tainted’ Award On Their Field –

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Navy Vet Make Disgusting Saints Players Pay | Refused To Accept ‘Tainted’ Award On Their Field –
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25 thoughts on “Navy Vet Make Disgusting Saints Players Pay | Refused To Accept ‘Tainted’ Award On Their Field

  1. football players r worse than sons of bitches.the players r eligiment sons of sex changed ugly (use to be men)…There!!!!!!!!!!! sick of brainwashed obama voters

  2. Bravo Navy!! Go Navy!! Boycott the Anti-American Racist NFL!! Boycott their Sponsors NFL Sponsors List 2017: Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser), Barclaycard US, Bose, Bridgestone. Campbell’s Soup Company, Castrol, Courtyard Marriott, Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60), Dannon, Extreme Networks, FedEx, Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Hyundai Motor America, Mars Snackfood, Microsoft, Nationwide, News America, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Quaker, Verizon, Visa, USAA. Also don't forget to Boycott Flying J and Pilot Fuels as they are owned by one of the Team Owners!! No more tax dollars for the NFL ever again!!Boycott the Racist Anti-American NFL!! I hope they all walk out! Pull all tax payer money from the Anti-American NFL!! No more tax dollars for these Anti-American Scum Bags!
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  3. That is the only choice a vet should make……if you should ever see one of these traitors out in public….turn your back to them. ..

  4. First of all Mr. Wells did the right thing. And secondly, President Trump called them exactly what they are keep boycotting these games..

  5. Did these poor rich players get their feelings hurt because the president was man enough to call it for what it is. They ARE a bunch of SOB's for not standing for our flag. BOYCOTT THE NFL

  6. I can see that it's a joke to comment as an ex NFL Fan. No one cares about the fans comments anymore. It's all my my feelings not the fans .You all turned your backs on us making Your opinions more important than the fans opinions . And it's never changed so don't ask for opinions from us we are not participating we're tired of beating a dead horse. Not interested anymore ,we have our thoughts on other things. We only watch , like a comedy show , who stands ,who kneels ,and then we change channels and watch other things or go shopping !!!!!

  7. A majority of the "African-unAmerican" community actually applauds this behavior. I wish I could say that's unbelievable, but for many years now it has been this way. After all, what kind of people support communist Democrats over 90%?

  8. This was never about the President. This was about Black Power, disgusting punks who will be working 30k a year just as soon as that NFL money is spent. We the people won't be paying for their stadiums nor tax breaks.

  9. First of all he called no one personally a son of a bitch it was a very big statement that's been made many times before and anybody in particular sorry if it hits too close to home secondly the NFL is disgusting and should be boycotted to the end of time fuck the NFL they can go straight to hell to hell with the NFL the national felon League

  10. I always believed that all of these NFL players (the majority except a few like Roger Staubach and a few others) are all arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic assholes and losers!!!! I've always believed that!!!! Even before all this stuff happened. Stupid uneducated people worship these losers as Idol's or God's. They may be tough and athletic and making millionis but that does not matter. What matters is respect for God, Jesus, and country (flag). We should boycott the NFL totally and we should also boycott Christmas, Hit those corporations where it hurts. and Jesus was not born in December anyway. December 25th is when we start gaining sunlight. You should not waste your time watching football (tribal bullshit) or any TV for that matter. TV is Lucifers tool to get into your home and life. TV and the NFL is to distract you. You may feel entertained but TV (all shows) and football was NOT made to entertain you. It is MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control for the massess. We are all victim to it if raised in America. It is now time to turn away from this shit. And that is what it is, shit!!!

  11. Our President is the Commander and Chief of our armed forces, he did what he had to do as their leader. To have done anything else would have sent the wrong message to the whole world.

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