Navy Seal footprints

Navy SEALs use every advantage they can when on a mission. See how they make the best of Mother Nature in this video. For more information about Navy SEALs, visit
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19 thoughts on “Navy Seal footprints

  1. "Footprints," was created in 2006 by director Stu Maschwitz and Detroit ad agency Campbell-Ewald. Maschwitz started out at George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), then co-founded top visual-effects company The Orphanage, where he worked on feature films as well as commercials. He has called "Footprints" one of the best things he's ever done…

  2. @Picaboo! Im not going to argue about my work! Just do your homework and search how long it take from bootcamp until graduate for RSS! Thats why i had to extend my contract 2 years for NSO

  3. @jay12soto I doubt you're in NSO. You don't even know how to spell "they", and you don't know the difference between "they're" and "their". AIRR school isn't two years either.

  4. I have friends and family in the seals. I have seen where they train and what they do, and can honestly tell you that they take the meaning of endurance to a whole new level. Anyone saying that seal training is not that hard needs to put down their beer, get off the couch, and go try it.

  5. Guys! Dont argue anymore!! Im in Special Operation in the Navy as a Rescue Swimmer. And i know how hard is to pass the 2 YEARS school to be a SpecOps, and the SEALs is a little more hard. And I respect them for that! Thay are not superior but their the best of the best!

  6. @IncomprehensibleRant What I wanted to do in the Navy wasn't SEALs either. It was Nuclear engineering in the nuclear submarines. I've always had strong interests in science. So it's not like I was going to be living that Act of Valor life either. I'd be stranded 10000 leagues under the sea. But even as…whatever you claim to do in the marines, don't you have a respect of the training the elite Marine Snipers do? If you were in the army, wouldn't you respect the Green Barets?

  7. @IncomprehensibleRant Sure. Why not. I am a Part time snow plow driver and a Launch operator. And I went through your youtube video history. Some of it was Call of Duty. And a little bit about runescpae and some other stuff. Doesn't matter though. I won't lie and claim I've been in a military branch. I thought about Navy as a kid, and even some of my friends joined Marines or Air force and such. But as a civilian, what Special ops do, Isn't I suppose better as it is more respected, you know?

  8. @IncomprehensibleRant They are better. They train harder then the average servicemen. Same with all special task forces. I don't get why you're so offended when it doesn't even look like you're in the military. What are you doing with your life? Playing those call of duty games?

  9. @IncomprehensibleRant Oh really? Were you in the SEALs? No? Well let me try and find that fuck to give you.. oh damn.. looks like I lost it.

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