Navy May Seek Russia’s Help To Assess MiG 29K’s Damage

This video shows you that Navy May Seek Russia’s Help To Assess MiG 29K’s Damage.

The Indian Navy may consider inviting a team from the Russian Aircraft Corporation (RAC), the manufacturers of the MiG 29K naval multirole fighter, to help evaluate the stricken MiG 29K Indian Navy aircraft that crashed during take-off at INS Hansa, said senior naval officials.

Naval sources hinted that the combat aircraft had malfunctioned during take-off, but said that the exact cause of the incident would be known only after investigators had evaluated the flight data.

On Wednesday, the MiG 29K had gone off the runway during take-off and then caught fire. Prompt action by the crash tenders and emergency services helped douse the fire and ensure that by afternoon the runway was open for civilian operations.

The board of inquiry (BoI) appointed to investigate the incident will use the data from the flight data recorder and video recording to arrive at the cause for the accident, said Flag Officer Commanding Goa Area (FOGA) rear admiral Puneet Bahl while speaking to TOI.

On being queried about the status of the aircraft, Bahl said that the aircraft had sustained “some structural damage to the right wing, undercarriage and some other parts of the airframe of the aircraft.”

“It will take some time to evaluate the extent and scope of the damage. This entire procedure for assessment will take some time. The inquiry on the issue will also take time because it will entail evaluation of the pilot, the aircraft and evaluation of the various personnel involved with the operation of the aircraft,” Bahl said.

On being asked whether RAC would be involved in the investigation and airframe assessment, Bahl said that the matter was “under deliberation.”

According to naval sources, the trainee pilot tried to regain control of the aircraft after it malfunctioned till the very end of the runway. The pilot remains under medical observation.

A naval pilot said that the airframe of the MiG 29K is designed to land on aircraft carriers and the airframe can withstand hard landings. “The full extent of the damage will be known in the coming weeks, but due to the fire, the use of foam and water, the entire electronic equipment and electrical wiring will have to be replaced,” a naval officer said.

The aircraft has been cordoned off for security purposes and to maintain the integrity of the crash site, said naval sources.

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