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Navy helicopter captures scope of Irma’s destruction

Matt Finn reports from Homestead, Florida

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  • TheGraham Channel says:

    Yes there's no such thing as a natural disaster, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, even burning heat and freezing cold are not something that happens by chance or by some sort of worldwide system but it's all controlled manually by God. Mortal man and even the devil himself doesn't and cannot control the weather it's impossible only God is in control of the weather in fact the weather does nothing if he doesn't make it himself. And all of these disasters are God's wrath against us these are just some of the verses in the Bible that prove it and there are many more. Before you even reply to me read these bible verses.

    Psalms chapter 135 verse 7.

    Proverbs chapter 1 verses 22 to 33.

    Jeremiah chapter 23 verses 9 to 23.

    Nahum chapter 1 verses 2 to 11.

    Zechariah chapter 10 verse 1.

  • Robert Hudson says:

    Climate change deniers will be ripped limb from limb. They'll start with the Fox Jews.

  • Gol Blum says:

    Go NAVY!

  • Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th says:

    The Shed > Shep

  • Shawn Gallagher says:

    &instead of Eric Boilings son facing the hardship with all of us?He decided to take the cowards way out,he let his family down,his country down,&his President down,disgusting:(

  • hardeez1 says:

    Way overblown

  • Are You Tired Of Winning Yet? says:

    How are the climate change deniers going to make fools out of themselves now that they have been proven wrong so spectacularly?

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