Navy finds bodies of missing sailors

USS Fitzgerald crashed into cargo ship near Japan


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39 thoughts on “Navy finds bodies of missing sailors

  1. they should have never named a ship the Fitzgerald, way to close to the Edmond Fitzgerald, very bad luck to a sailor

  2. Ill bet the captain was not impressed having been woken in this fashion.. If your going to collide with another vessel then you should be rammed in the Port side

  3. Pretty damn ridiculous a hostile ship was able to make physical contact with the Navy without being engaged, thank lord the attacking ship wasn't rigged to blow.

  4. From the looks of the damage, this could have been more tragic. There is not much room on a destroyer. Sailor's sleep in every compartment. Most space on a destroyer is used for ship component's. The mess is a makeshift bunk.

  5. who ever was on watch is fucked.. how do u let a another ship get close to u .. unless u r fucking around and not on watch… CO and the entire leadership are fired.. New navy I guess. My condolences to the family of my brothers.

  6. some fool thinks you can seek up and ram a USN ship ? You can not use a cargo ship as a weapon… too big too slow …USN ship too fast and too agile …this is "all on" USN ship "cutting off" the Cargo ship..maneuvering too close to pass …safely …Should have passed the rear or stern ….human error USN all the way …IMHO

  7. My heart goes out to the familes of the dead sailor's. The Commander of that Navy Destroyer has ruined his career and will either be tried by Naval court and/or discharged from the Navy.

  8. North korea thinking if they are losing men when we are not fighting them I wonder how much men they will lose when we are

  9. No Secretary of the Navy * No Ambassador to Japan * Terrible accident in Sea of Japan ***7 sailors missing

    Trump retweets Hannity & yells at TV

  10. No Captain of a Naval War ship should allow such circumstances to develop that allow this to happen. No matter where they are or what they are doing. A direct failure of the Captain. Unfortunately under Obama's leadership (I apologize to the word) it appeared Navy "officers" were trying to out do each other with social experiments, such as- having the first gay couple celebrate the return to port ceremony by kissing on a podium in front of all assemble – maybe they should have been learning how to navigate a ship.

  11. It was even a guided missile destroyer,
    Learn to guide your ship to safety before you can guide a missile!!

  12. While in the USCG I was on a ship that rammed the dock in Astoria Oregon, another that smashed into the Arizona Monument in Pearl Harbor, and on another that was almost run down by a merchant chip at night…strange things can happen out there!!!!!

  13. this doesn't seem right, people either weren't paying attention or this was deliberate. you don't just "run into" ships in the ocean.

  14. if anything happens nowadays, terrorism is bound to be suspected until proven otherwise. it's the world we live in today.

  15. Very sad to hear the story. I can't even begin to feel the pain these soldiers families must be feeling. How could this have happened is beyond me.

  16. Let us hope no white people were killed. We all must do everything we can to preserve glorious white life.
    White people – Truly a gift to all mankind.

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