‘MINI SATANS’: Nurses Give Newborn MIDDLE FINGER, Make Baby DANCE In DISTURBING Snapchat Post!

An employee at the Naval Hospital of Jacksonville has been removed from the facility after she posted disturbing pictures of her giving the finger to newborn babies in her care and using them as “puppets” to dance to music.
US Marine Corps Life reports Allyson Thompson, a corpsman stationed at the hospital, has been allegedly posting “various pictures of newborn babies and making videos while holding the babies and treating them like puppets dancing to music.”
Thompson also posted a picture of what appears to be her giving a baby the finger with the caption, “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.”
The department also reports that another corpsman, Joanie Barrett, participated in the incidents.
A military spouse shared the photos, which were posted on Snapchat, in a post on Facebook. Read the post here (WARNING: Post contains graphic language)
The Naval Hospital has responded on Facebook after receiving the information and says the “staff members have been removed from patient care and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice.”


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42 thoughts on “‘MINI SATANS’: Nurses Give Newborn MIDDLE FINGER, Make Baby DANCE In DISTURBING Snapchat Post!

  1. This is the saddest thing I have ever seen… After giving birth to my babies I would not let them take my babies unless they "had" too… I kept my babies as close as I could because I didn't trust these people… Absolutely no conscious… When we don't care about the babies things are really bad.

  2. Well at least we know the ladies are still being paid by the Navy and that Facebook will only allow you to post what is acceptable to them.

  3. What they did was incredibly disgusting and should not be taken lightly by the law.. but for everyone to say. "of course they're white, all white people are evil" is just as ignorant as saying, "all black people are drug dealers and super predators".. all races from all walks of life have done terrible things. We need to stop generalizing every race into these little categories that define them as a whole. Regardless, no matter where you come from, what color you are, the punishments should be the same across the board. I hope these women get what they deserve.

  4. My wife and I just had our fifth child last week. If this bitch did this to my newborn, she's be in the hospital's basement right now.

  5. Let this been a black navy nurse… Would it be same rep a cushion? hell naw. These fucking whiteys make me sick to my MF stomach they get away with little less to nothing for shit like this, lock her pale ass up and let them broads from the penn get in her ass make her regret everything she ever did stupid and racist like this. Fuck that bitch if she was in my neck of the woods we a make her dance alright… To her grave.

  6. I remember there was something similar in the news last year where a nurse in Italy would pose n take pics of dead old people after she overdosed their medication and she would brag about being the cause of their death on Facebook how evil is that? people trust these so called nurses. I am glad these ones got sacked if nothing was done about this it would've escalate from taking pics to probably torturing other newly borns. Heartless human beings they should get their medical licences revoked as well so they won't be able to practice anywhere else.

  7. It doesn't matter what the higher ups in this case hand down. This very behavior has been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years/ hate crimes, racism, calling black people everything but Mr. , Mrs. , Sir, pretty little girl , handsome young man, precious innocent little baby etc. This is a microscopic peek into the way some whites REALLY feel and it's BEEN public knowledge also for hundreds and hundreds of years. Same ole racist bs posting to insight anger, and discomfort towards blacks because their ancestors have past this PUTRID hateful , disgusting, in humane , animalistic behavior down to their own white families in an attempt to destroy , suppress , and enslave blacks . Now through social media blacks and whites alike are All brainwashed and posting antagonistic media in an attempt to one up each other in the hate department . BOTH PARTIES HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED BUT SOME JUST REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT, NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE UNAWARE BUT BECAUSE THEIR ANCESTORS PAST DOWN THEIR UNWARRANTED, UNSOLICITED HATE FROM THE TIME SLAVERY RIGHT UP TILL CURRENT TIMES WHICH IS WHY YOU SEE THIS ANIMAL DISRESPECTING, DEGRADING AND CALLING THIS INNOCENT NEW BORN BABY SATAN WHEN THE BABY HAS JUST BEEN BORN AND HAS DONE NOTHING IN THIS WORLD BUT BREATH. INSDE THE RACIST MIND YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING BUT BE BLACK AND ALIVE TO HAVE A PIECE OF CRAP COMMIT RACIST CRIMES AGAINST YOU….. WE ARE NOT OUR ANCESTORS, WE WONT TOLERATE IS AND THE WORLD WILL KNOW TRUE KINGS AND QUEENS AND RESPECT THEIR EXISTENCE ACCORDINGLY, PERIOD. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY COMMENT TAKE IT UP WITH THE TRUTH , PERIOD.

  8. I just love the racist comments. The call for violence. Does any1 here see any irony in your hate filled rants. She did wrong. Spoke her mind. I smell a psy. Op. Stir up people divide race even more. Look how easy it was. Does any1 here believe this broad was that stupid? Think my fellow humans. Don't think with emotions. Your being played.

  9. What these ladies did was arrogant, CLASSLESS and KNOWINGLY harmful. Despite the fact that they are part being part of the US Military and should be known to a higher standard of PERSONAL conduct, but also a PROFESSIONAL one. The parents whose children who are born to that hospital TRUSTED the staff to do their JOBS. They FAILED. What does it say about the hospital (because of these women)? That the parents would FEAR the staffs true intentions while in the nursery ALONE with their newborn(s) and out of ear/eye range.

  10. Their education was probably paid in full by the Navy, good benefits and good pay, but they hate their job so much that they abuse and demean newborn babies. Pathetic.

  11. When the comment section is filled with blacks putting race in everything that has nothing to do with this. Y'all pray for my brothas and sistas, this is not what MLK wanted ✊?

  12. show that bitches face dont protect them fuck them hoes up n leave them dead on the floor tired of the media protecting this fucking people its all good tho ill make sure they get a dick full of fire up they ass ill see yall in hell white bitches

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