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MiG Chief Ilya Tarasenko Offers MiG 35 To India

Tarasenko confirmed that the company completed deliveries of MiG-29K/KUB carrier-borne fighters under both Russian (24 aircraft) and Indian (45 aircraft) contracts, and has no more orders for the navalized Fulcrum. He also confirmed completion of MiG-29SMT multirole fighter deliveries to the Russian air force (under the 2014 contract for 14 SMTs and two UBT twin-seat operational trainers). The deliveries allowed MiG to declare a healthy profit in 2016, compared to losses or barely break-even results in previous years.

The company has built some 45,000 MiGs, of which 11,000 have been exported. The workforce numbers “about ten thousand” after last year’s absorbing of the Sokol plant in Nizhny Novgorod, which has produced MiGs since 1960s but was not in the corporate structure until recently. But this newly released figure indicates that significant job cuts have been made in the past few years. While not mentioning this fact, Tarasenko praised himself on the success of the restructuring process that he launched in 2009 when he joined the company after an initial career at Sukhoi.

With no new orders for MiGs from the Russian Ministry of Defence, the company has had to launch production of the Ilyushin Il-114 regional airliner at Lukhovitsy. It plans to assemble 300 of the 64-seat turboprops, with first delivery expected in 2021. This program is heavily subsidized by the Russian government.

“Every air force needs a light-and-medium airplane in the class of MiG-29M/M2 and MiG-35,” Tarasenko stated. He specifically mentioned Kazakhstan and India among 56 previous customers for MiGs with whom the company is actively negotiating possible replacements. One key selling point, he declared, is a 25 percent lower operational cost for new MiGs compared with unidentified “foreign competitors.”

MiG’s biggest hope is to clinch a Russian air force order for approximately 40 MiG-35s as part of the State Armament Procurement Program 2025, which is being finalized. Another prospect stems from an agreement between Russia and the UAE that was signed at the IDEX’2017 show. The two countries declared an intent to jointly develop a light multi-mission fifth-generation combat jet. Besides, MiG is developing plans for a new long-range interceptor that could replace the MiG-31.
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  • I JUST Wanna sleep forever. says:

    MIG 35 is 4th gen or 5th gen aircraft?

  • suraj sharma says:

    Better go for more Rafael . we don't want more crashing jets. Even their best jet Su-35 .was crashed..

  • deep sengupta says:

    Outdated plan from untrusted partner. Russia is known for price manipulation & poor quality

  • meenal vardhan says:

    India should by all the fighter jets, from U S, France, Russia , Sweden and few from China, As we get different Automobiles. Because there is different role for each one. And will be easy to compare with one another. About the cost, performance and maintenance , life of each metal Bird. Dr Ramesh VARDHAN

  • Roshan Chachane says:

    Better focus on indigenous technology than to overly relying on foreign vendors.

  • Shapon dev says:

    India should look after for MIG 35 and 41.MIG rendered tremendous support to IAF. should't forget this.

  • Kong Wee Peh says:

    I like how the bot vox pronounce MiG.

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