Megalodon found? Giant great white shark eaten by bigger mystery sea monster

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Scientists are mystified after a huge great white shark appears to have been devoured by an even bigger “mystery sea monster.”

Researchers had tagged the great white in 2004 to track its movements as part of a study. Four months later, the tag washed up on a beach in Western Australia less than two miles away from where it had been tagged.

Data from the tag showed a sharp rise in temperature and a sudden 2,000-foot plunge down a continental shelf. Scientists say the temperature rise means the shark was in another animal’s digestive system. The tracking tag also showed signs of having been bleached by stomach acid.

The only explanation so far is that it was eaten by a giant cannibal great white shark. The temperature of the animal that ate the great white was 26 degrees Celsius, which means that it wasn’t warm enough to be a mammal like a whale, but warm enough to indicate it was large enough to be able to sustain the relatively high temperature.

The case will be featured in Hunt for the Super Predator, a documentary scheduled to air in the U.S. on June 25. The documentary is based on the ABC (Australian) documentary The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator.


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47 thoughts on “Megalodon found? Giant great white shark eaten by bigger mystery sea monster

  1. WHAT A LOAD OF ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!!!…Orca whales in that area are active hunters of Great Whites!…The poor Whities don't stand a chance against the Orcas! They can't fight back! They don't know what fighting is!!! They are EASY prey for Orcas! They chase them to the depths and exhaust them by pounding against them until they tire….then roll them over and tear out their lovely big livers! YUMMMM!

  2. 2014 Sydney harbor Australia the radio said something huge was seen in the water and ferry services were suspended for a few hours. ..coming home from work i thought I'd see something on the news …nothing ever mentioned again
    1000s of people / tourists who walk along the harbor every day and nothing no pictures no video …did anyone else hear about this

  3. maybe a sleeper shark or what ever they are called… they are huge! and is rarely seen and lives deeeeeeeep under water.. hmm msybe?

  4. Bitch everyone knows theirs one Great White Shark eating predator, and that's the Killer Whale…. They've made Documentries about it happening…..

  5. We have only explored 5% of the ocean and we can't even go that deep with our technology yet, so it wouldn't surprise me what huge creatures are deep within the ocean, specially things we've never seen before.

    It's creepy that we haven't explored 95% of the ocean, meaning there could be thousands/millions of species/animals we haven't came across yet, creeps me out.


  7. M6 uncle is a diver he is not that old and when he was diving in the sea he saw a shark and the shark saw him and my uncle had something like a bag so he threw the bag on to the shark so the shark could get distracted and he swam so fast and luckily made it to safty

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