Why Massages Really Do Keep You Healthy: A Cardiologist Explains

When you watched television, you may have seen a scene where a patient is too tense. The doctor would shout for the critical tools: scalpel, suction… and a massage?

Have you blinked your eyes, wondering if you just heard it wrong?

As you wonder if you just imagined the entire sequence – you realized that you heard right. While you might think if this was a plot hole, you search about the massage table – and then you can find out that it does help with surgery.

In fact, a massage does not only help you relax and destress. It also keeps the heart and artery-related sicknesses away.

Science can explain the numerous advantages that you can receive a therapeutic massage. From anxiety to cancer pain, this session helps keep you away from dangerous conditions.

There are also some studies that had shown the direct effect of massage towards your heart.

Once, in 2008, there were researchers who had gathered 263 people and gave them massage that lasted up to 60 minutes. With the sessions, there was a general result of blood pressure decreasing by 10 mg Hg. The heartbeat rates also reduced with the same number. With this practice, it can genuinely help provide relief for people who had high blood pressure!

There was also another study that was taken early this year. 50 individuals were given 15-minute massages that were done three times a week. The group repeated this activity ten times. And the results further strengthened the previous conclusion. The entire team received decreasing blood pressure rates after they participated in the massage.

What are the remarkable effects of a massage therapy for the cardiovascular functions?

Well, when you participate in a session, there is a reducing percent in the salivary and urinary degrees of your stress hormone cortisol. Several studies also note while that type of stress hormone produces a result, your other stress hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine present no change.

While studies are still trying to clarify the exact effect for each pathway, the general conclusion for massage therapy had already been definite.

After reading this, you might think of giving up on the conventional medicines that you have. Do you think that you should forego your initial therapy that you are taking – and merely jump on the massage craze?

Well, the answer is no. While massage therapy would help increase your condition, you should still consider the studies as a little premature. Since there isn’t any complete study that shows the entire effects, it would be better for you to take it with your current medication.

After all, massage therapy can become one of your alternatives to the available methods that can help you with high blood pressure. If you currently do not have the time or resources to take yoga or acupuncture, a brief session would help.

Remember to keep your body in good health always. Even Buddha himself has said that a healthy body is essential to strengthen and clear your mind.

Do you have the time this week? How about scheduling a session with the nearby massager near you?


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