Marine Steals Truck To Help Vegas Victims, Arizona Man Finally Gives Him What He Deserves

► Marine Steals Truck To Help Vegas Victims, Arizona Man Finally Gives Him What He Deserves

On October 1st, tragedy struck Las Vegas when the largest mass shooting in modern American history unfolded. Hundreds of heroes and first responders sprung into action, but one U.S. Marine made headlines after he decided to steal a truck to help victims at the concert. When an Arizona man got wind of the news, he had a surprise for the veteran who stole a truck that night, giving the Marine exactly what he deserves.

U.S. Marine veteran Taylor Winston was one of the thousands at the Route 91 music festival when Stephen Paddock opened fire on the venue from his hotel room. Winston attended the concert with his girlfriend and friends, and when bullets began raining down, it was then that he knew he had to put his war skills to use.
The Iraq war veteran responded to the situation the only way he knew how to help. Instead of running for his life, like many of the panicked victims, Winston stole a pickup truck and began loading it with the wounded, driving critically injured victims to safety. His fast action helped save about a dozen wounded victims’ lives as he was able to transport them to the hospital for much-needed care before ambulances could even arrive.


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