Designated Marksmen Marines from 1st Battalion, 6th Marines firing the M12 at the range at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan on 9/8/11.


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6 thoughts on “Marine sniper firing the Mark 12

  1. Designated marksman isnt that hard. I believe on your marksmanship qualification you get scored out of 40 points. i think you need 35+ to get designated marksman. this is what i was told.

  2. I assume you have to talk to your superiors, and go through DMR training. I hope i get excepted in the Naval Academy, see you soon.

  3. well, what you really want to do… is be a grunt. ask your recruiter to be an "03". then after boot camp and ITB youll go to the fleet. once you go to the fleet you can try out for scout snipers in your Weapons Company. which is WAY cooler than just being a DM. but main thing… BE A GRUNT. being a POG is a waste of time. I was a mortarman and in 3/4 weapons company, to me… it was the best job cause you learn everything!! but you also always new when snipers were doing tryouts

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