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Marine Raiders pt1

The story of the US Marine Raiders of World War II. The Raiders were the spiritual predecesors of todays special operations Marines.

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  • LZ LOON says:

    Semper Fi!

  • Jake Martin says:

    My grandpa was a raider.

  • BombBeholder says:

    I think The Marine Corps would have done well to adopt the Raider moniker for MARSOC. We decided to use the same patch for the MSOT level…but that's as far as it went….

  • deejay says:

    The Devils Brigade is the first US and Canadian special forces and before that the British SAS

  • 8digitPDX says:

    @ddtr12 Raider training in generally was primarily focused on actual challenges, not hazing. You complete the various challenges, you complete the program, so the theme of Hell Week, sort of. The raiders were recruiting hotheads, fighters, scrappers with enough discipline to take orders, not outright robots for brainwashing. Unit fatality rates were very high, so there were no illusions of what the game was. Not a hazing ritual for high status unit but training of selected people.

  • Marine Raiders says:

    The U.S. Marine Raiders are amazing and truly inspirational! Just had our yearly reunion and need more of YOU to join us.

  • Gurugriff1000 says:

    Marine Raiders were the coolest

  • jose amram says:

    @nitroxl85 and @Iniedbal Sorry about both your losses, take pride in the fact your relatives made history, and helped the USMC defeat the Japanese in their own element. Semper Fi and G-d Bless.

  • Vissaeus says:

    I admit Churchil was a smart ass

  • Hatchetforce says:

    Actually that isn't true. Conducting guerrilla raids is not in and of itself a qualifier for SOF. Strikes behind the lines do not alone constitute SOF. Although SOF shares a heritage from units traveling back to the days of Rogers Rangers the first true SOF unit was the OSS.

  • RabidTardigrade says:

    Shot not shit lol

  • RabidTardigrade says:

    Navy SEALs kick ass way more then some dude getting a lucky shit in the dark

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