Marine One fly-by and landing, with President Obama

During the G20 Summit in Toronto – Obama landing in front of the Metro Toronto Convention Center


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44 thoughts on “Marine One fly-by and landing, with President Obama

  1. When Ike's chopper landed, they killed the rotor and he walked out waving. Now the national security lunatics keep it on in case al Qaeda attacks from downtown Toronto. Modern presidential security is fascist. Tony Blair once drove be me on the Embankment in a car with one chase vehicle. No lights, no sirens, nothing.

  2. Marine one is any Marine Aircraft carrying the president. Same thing with the Air Force and Air Force One. Obama could be flying an F-16 by himself, and it would be called Air Force 1. Now the fact that a Seahawk being a Marine Aircraft, is a whole different ball game

  3. Seems preety simple. The leader of the most powerfull army on the planet, should be able to come to Canada, it's closest ally, without all these precautions, but he can't. This is the one country he should be fine with, but, not true. Others, that have gained entry to Canada, have done so with other motives. We know that. How they got through, I do not know, Do not try in the future. We, as a nation, are asking that the rules tighten. No one in! Pure and simple! Tough, but for now necessary!

  4. I did not get to do my job, i was only able to talk. And they make me so mad…I enjoy the music _ God ! Because I enjoyed my food more…than my exercise.

  5. Best that I know they are still interrogating agents that began
    when Ronald Reagan died…like immediately. Why? I don't know; but
    they had been hired when he was President. The phrases that come to
    mind is that Ronald Reagan had ordered it back when he was President
    and I being too sick could not join as a guard either; but he/she asked.

    Which leads to present-day ailment of shoulder went out & due to Libya's
    time-released gelcap inserted somehow in my shoulder while at HUD.War?

  6. Mubarak was arrested due to former Pres. Bush arresting him
    during Obama Admin
    and so I should get some pay from that.
    I wait, then before Xmas 2012 i recall that Laura Bush had been
    passed out with me (also passed out) at the Dept of Labor in Buffalo NY
    and someone did it.
    No press; but they were interrogating s.s. agents of theirs & my highest boss
    from HUD was present in the larger room.
    But I had no memory of that day until now….so Christmas money wasn't granted is the point.

  7. when i said "a simple" i meant it was actually basically same mechanics and same chassis, not the EXACT same vehicle ( 'w' )

  8. excuse me but same chassis and same mechanics means same structure, therefore behind this mask that the SH-60 is, it really is an UH-60 behind, because of the mechanics and the chassis, making it upgraded doesnt means its completely different

    are the M1, M1A1 and M1A2 completely different? no…
    are the F-15A, F-15B, F-15C completely different? no…

    hope you see what i mean
    its a variant not a new vehicle =P

  9. i really want to know what differences the so called "VH-60N" which i never even heard about has compared to the UH-60, same engine, same appearance and i dont think the electronics are different at all

    obviously the military version of UH-60 is the color and the weapons, other than that, pretty similar yesh?

    it appears to me its simply a UH-60 with perhaps some decorations and paints designed for the president so they named it VH-60N, its still a simple UH-60 in the end =)

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