Marine Le Pen: Brexit “most important event since the fall of the Berlin Wall” – BBC News

France’s far-right National Front (FN) leader, Marine Le Pen has said that if she is elected president she will ask the European Union for “four sovereignties back”. She told BBC HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur she wanted legislative, territorial, economic and monetary sovereignty all returned to France.

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29 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: Brexit “most important event since the fall of the Berlin Wall” – BBC News

  1. Ooh, this is one of the funniest BBC programmes I've ever seen!. The Smack-downs forced onto this poor excuse for a 'journalist'. To see him figuratively scramble back to his feet, only to be picked up and Slammed down again. Looked like Marine le Pen was having a good time, before it got too tedious. Priceless :-)

  2. If I were Stephen Sackur I would take this interview and hide it somewhere deep deep beneath the earth so that no one will ever get to see evidence of the shame to which he has been publicly subjected to by this fierce woman.

  3. Je suis écossais et j'adore Marine le Pen!

    Je prie que les français votent pour leur nation et leur peuple, contre les intérêts des politiciens corrompus, contre la volonté des monopoles internationaux, et même contre les médias malhonnêtes.

    #madameprésidente #onestcheznous

  4. The EU is a liberal far left wing political dictatorship. Why not let every EU member state have their democratic right and vote on whether they wish to remain a member of the EU . Reason , even the EU POLITICAL LIBERAL DICTATORS  think a number would vote to leave the communist block.

  5. My mother was one of a wave of people invited by the British government in the 50's to come to the UK as British passport holders to live and work in Britain's major cities. I, born, educated and working in the UK, feel more British today than anything else. But I do feel like I have some sympathy both for those who emigrate and those who feel "submerged" by immigrants. I really feel that unless immigrants graciously choose to accept the key values of the societies to which they come, they will always struggle. Sure, they will struggle either way at first, that's just part of the challenge of emigrating. But the more they choose to integrate into the norms of the host society, while still honouring the qualities of where they originally come from, the more accepted they will be. It may take a generation or two I think, but that choice to assimilate is where the process begins. It's a courtesy that will eventually win the goodwill of the people among whom you have come to live.

  6. Marine destroyed the BBC globalist propagandist at every turn. She is the smartest nationalist politician in the West.

    Shame on the media machine for demonizing her all the time. VIve La France!

  7. France has a right to run their country any way they want. They can elect whom ever they want. I personally as am American see problems with people of Islamic faith and until it's figured out how to separate the good from the bad , I say stop all imagration!

  8. British people, German people, French people, and others European people together to fight the invasion of immigrants and to fight the felons leftists. That is the real Europe,not EU, let's protect the real people of our Europe. .

  9. VIVE FRANCE ET FN! I would ask this Journalist because he spoke something about Crimea, what is about Kosovo, 78 days NATO bombardment of a Christian country to give this Land to Muslims without UN Resolution,recognition of the terrorist state of Kosovo,that was not a breach of international law? Today Kosovo has big problems as well with Islamic Terrorism!

  10. There are 2 principles in France that are very difficult to understand from an Anglo-Saxon perspective, that's assimilationism and secularism.
    Historically, Anglo-Saxon countries used communautarism as a system of integration, while France used assimilationism. The republic aknowledge only 1 community, the national one. You are French, or you're not. In Anglo-Saxon countries, there are numerous communities, and all of them became lobbies, LGBT, WASP, blacks, aboriginals, muslims, and so on. In France the government is supposed to fight against communautarism, and the French don't want communities inside the national one. "The nation is one and indivisible".
    So what's assimilationism ? It's simple, "the other become the same", same language, same way to dress, to eat… etc, same way to live.
    Now there are people in France who wear the islamic veil, the djellaba, a clothe of the muslim prophet in the 9's century, people who want "halal" (legal) food, who slit the throat of a goat in their bathtub every year, who don't eat with the women at the same table, who don't drink alcohol, who want separate hours for men and women at the swimming pool, or at the automobile school, who cut the clitoris of their daughters, who mary religiously with several women, who refuse to see a doctor if she's a woman, who refuse to kiss a woman on the cheek to say hello, or to shake hands, etc…
    The French see this and they don't like it, they point their fingers and think, "this person didn't do the effort of integration, he didn't assimilated to our nation, he's not like us, we don't give our trust".
    And there's secularism, the State and the Church are separated, the state doesn't finance the building of religious places like mosques or churches. The muslims have to finance their mosque themselves like the christians do. The religion has no power on the republic. Religion is personal, at home, the French don't like proselytizing, they don't want to know what you believe or don't believe. So veils, burqinis, and other exotic clothes aren't welcome in France. Secularism don't forbid the priests, sisters, rabbis or imams to wear their working clothes. Of course they can wear their religous working clothes.
    Public prayers are a militant action done by integrists. Women who wear a burqini in France after the terror attacks are supporters of ISIS, this is common knowledge.
    When a French woman goes to Saudi Arabia, she must wear a veil. In France we don't cover our women, and you're warned before you come, behave yourself, or be fined by the police. The French are tolerant toward tourists, but if you go to France and want to stay and don't want to abandon your foreign way of doing your things, you are not welcome, and you can always ask to the British if they'll accept your way of life in their country.

  11. You translated it so wrong that I can't even believe it, are you trying to mute her or something? "nous n'en avons pas les moyens" = "we can't afford it" and not "we don't have the means to do that" seriously you are disgusting

  12. She is the only real alternative to the Socialists. She will come first at the first round of the presidential election and hopefully will win it

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