Marine Corps “They belong To a Family Called Marines”

Recruiting Commercial For The United States Marine Corps.


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42 thoughts on “Marine Corps “They belong To a Family Called Marines”

  1. I wish I had the courage these men have. I’ve lived a useless life and I feel that my only future is in the military to care and fight with a real family. It’s all I’ve ever wanted

  2. You can feel the love in the comments. Can't ya? Anyway me and my buddy are thinkin about the marines so kinda excited

  3. As a Marine who served in the 80s and 90s, I was proud of the Marines who served before me. My heart swells with pride while reflecting upon today's Marines, as well. Thank you for continuing the great tradition of our Corps.

  4. Jesus fucking christ really? It's Marine also Parris Island and it Semper Fi. Get your 10 year old ass off of here.

  5. @particle58 Russia only kicked your ass on the defensive, if your country hadn't made the mistake of invading them they wouldn't have been a problem. We made the advances on you that forced surrender, but I'm not saying Russia did nothing.

  6. @SMGJohn– If the Russioans hadn't "helped" us, I'm sure Patton would've gotten it done by himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i havent earned that title which only few claim as their but im proud to say im a USMC poole i will earn that title like my brothers before me

  8. my grandpa saluted the t.v. when he saw this he join the marines in the 60's and got out in 1967 but he still called a marine because the marines is not a job or duty it is a way of life don't ever forget this
    Semper Fidelis

  9. I feel sorry for those poor bastards who joined other services first or who could not get into the Marines. I salute ALL members of America's military.. I am not putting any branch down. But.. As a Marine and having done what I have done in the company of other Marines I can tell you this… You don't want to mess with the Marines when it comes to doing doing what we do best.. Putting boot to ass for our country and its people. Semper Fi Devil Dogs.. Keeping the faith and our honor clean..

  10. its because of my grandpa that ive wanted to be a marine.

    born on fort bliss el paso texas, an army brat. i wanna be one step better.
    better then my mom and my dad, and on the same level of my grandfather.

    marines never die, they just go to hell to regroup.

  11. You're all running your sucks like recruits in a squad bay; way to much, and annoyingly. S-T-F-U…NOW YOU SAY…AYE SIR!

  12. @kirsdeathchild
    True, sorry about that. Maybe Cuba then I dont know, Maybe China. All I know is the guy is a Soveit Troll simple as that

  13. @bull9stud what a tool…its funny cause to but this comment you sirisly had to go on the internet look up a usmc commerical and then go duuhhh these guys are scumm have you been to america no you havent its funny tho cause our homeless…..lives better then 99% of the people in your country, and we pulled 99% of our troops out of iraq but OO ALLAHH WANTS THIS WAR TO HAPPEN but now ur gunna get all pissy cause i said allah. the muslim faith makes sence but not when you interpret it radicly

  14. @bull9stud
    you know for those who put there life on the line to save you sorry ass, your being ungreatful. How about you understand the fact that these great men protected us, not from the middle east But from the Nazis, the Japs, The Soviets, Hell even Americans, without these men you;d probably wouldn't even be alive.

  15. @bull9stud. i know our country is in the crapper. all the more reason to say patriotic and never give up on this amazing country.

  16. @angelmarine1292 There is no such thing as a "ex" Marine. Those who served honorably but did not retire are former marines.

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