Marine Commandant testififes about nude photo scandal

Jennifer Griffin reports on ‘Special Report’


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30 thoughts on “Marine Commandant testififes about nude photo scandal

  1. If any of these men or women has left the Marine Corps because their enlistment was up then its going to be hard to pull them back in to face the music.


    Military needs to stop using Fakebook. All deployments all the time.
    Military is not social time.

  3. Sad..Marine Loser…this loser is the reason why the culture rot and sex assault is high, he got his position by playing suck up to the Brass, Orders over principles, fighting for trans-national interests, disregarding oath over American principles, etc..disgusting. "oh, but look at all his ribbons, badges, medals…" who gives a fuck if any soldier or sailor cannot have honor, value, integrity..what a disgrace.

  4. Yeah, the USMC has a problem – too many testosterone filled, horny young guys. It needs more beta-males, more women and fully-automatic belt-fed, gas-operated tampon dispensers. There is nothing wrong with the Corps that removing women from the equation could not fix. Man and women do not belong in the armed forces together.

  5. who should be held accountable? How bout the girls that off their clothes and stood infront of the camera… not the commandant… stupid bitch

  6. grandstanding BITCH,if the commandant says he will take care of it I believe him .He don't need some Democrat botch twit to chew him out.She wouldn't make a pimple on his ass.

  7. The problem with women serving in the military has never been about women, it's about men who are biologically incapable of controlling their sexual urges. That makes men unreliable and unfit to serve our country.

  8. The issue is not clear! If none-consensual, there is a problem. If consensual, BIG DEAL! Military young people are posting their own "reality shows." The Armed Forces are the ones to set the standards (the etiquette) concerning this issue not the Congress whose members are grandstanding, pontificating, & moralizing for their own aggrandizement. To compare the military (?) acts (which are very unclear) to pedophilia violations (as done by a Congress woman) is really fabricating talking point for the purpose of media coverage. The Dems are mega desperate. It is apparent that these people are reaching into a very "dark side" in order to destroy others for their own enjoyment? The Dems, in this committee, really think that the public is stupid! They still do not get it. Even up to now, they are resistant to assessing their unprecedented historical political defeats! If these Dems cannot control our President, they want control over the military. How despicable!

  9. Calling for them to be sexually assaulted? What exactly does that mean? It probably means little. They said Trump's locker room talk amounted to sexual assault. These things tend to be exaggerated. It seems to me nude photos usually don't exist without the woman's active participation. I think unless I hear more that this is a stupid scandal. These guys many who have seen combat and risked their lives and seen their friends die should have the right to act somewhat badly obviously within limits. That shrill senator irritates the heck out of me

  10. What or who's freedom are these men fighting for? Their right to be sick bastards and dishonor the daughters of America? This is unacceptable behavior for a US soldier or a man for that matter. We are a better nation then this. Drain the swamp in the military and #MAGA.

  11. that Rep. Gillibrand needs a golden globe or something.. LOL also, love the statement "tough day for the military" not even close.. what about entire units in bodybags and seeing your best friends tortured n hacked on isis red rooms.. yea tough day my ass

  12. Well, I hope they also intend to punish the female Marines who allowed the photos to be taken! Where is THEIR responsibility in this?????

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