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Luxury Submarine Hotel Offers Romantic Undersea Adventure

A submarine called Lover’s Deep is available for underwater romantic getaways if you have about $285,000 to spend for a night aboard a vessel that offers gourmet meals and a butler. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) reports.

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  • Danny Canes says:

    Who are you guys piling on and what is it about? One poster says he knew the guy, I'm wondering if that would be the guy in the video? Plus you guys seem to know each other, but I doubt it? Anyway, if this luxury submarine is real, it's awfully inexpensive!! What do you guys know about S, is it for real or not?? Thanks. Oh by the way, there is a group that builds luxury submarines, but the cost is like $10 million dollars!

  • kbr56 says:

    get a job son you went to college to do something one YouTube everyone does and ur trying to make money off it 13 thousand views that's like 12 dallora you maybe made 50 tops!!! I shit out g stack every hr!!! it's funny how you see the people you grew up with turned out more worse then they were in school makes me laugh!!!! ##### pusssy boy

  • kbr56 says:

    this kid a loser and always will be a loser I knew him personally

  • kbr56 says:

    fucking hilarious I should put up videos of you getting ur ass beat in ice hockey!! mhs all day baby!!

  • SIXX says:

    everyone wants a tv show…only 1 of a thousand should be allowed folks…only you think your charming friend…only you

  • david Soria says:

    This looks like a job for photoshoping! Du du uhh!!



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