Lucky Marine Okay After Sniper Shot Hits Helmet

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This marine should count himself lucky. A Taliban sniper shot contacts right into his helmet. Had the bullet been flying just a few inches lower, this solder would have been killed. This occurred back in 2013, however video footage has only recently surfaced.

(Video strictly for news/educational purposes).

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47 thoughts on “Lucky Marine Okay After Sniper Shot Hits Helmet

  1. Fuckin shot in the head and didn't even make a noise. Meanwhile, any time some shit goes down in public and women scream uncontrollably.

  2. according to all i saw it was a 22 cal from like 350 yards…good shot and lucky legend….my man if that was a
    u were faceless and dead by now!

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  4. if his head is any higher he could got killed , if his head is lower the bullet could kill the soldier with the camera

  5. to those who dont understand why he didnt die, the shot hit at an angle and ricocheted into the wall. hes one lucky son of a bitch

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