Leading expert on marine oil spills, Professor Richard Steiner, who worked on Exxon Valdez spill, says there has never been a spill of this type before and the environmental response was ‘utterly lacking’.

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34 thoughts on “Largest Marine Spill in History of Natural Gas Condensate

  1. it is so sad to think of all we are supposed to be taking care of, and instead we are the most destructive force in the world.

  2. Iranian oil tanker Chinese cargo ship ? ummmm lots of American navy ships bumping into ships Chinese? Smell a rat hear somewhere

  3. ya really dont need to have a dr, if you have common sense. ofcourse it destroy the eco system, just like fukashima more damange to the enviroument and nothing will get done about it. the ship crew was lazy and not on point causing death and destruction for themselves and others around.

  4. shared… I'm wondering if this like the Japanese reactor 's pollution, will reach American Shores; seems the only way to wake up people if it becomes a global threat…

  5. Once again biodiversity is given the middle finger in support of the all-mighty dollar. The sea is being pummeled with one toxic cocktail after another, yet there are those of us who refuse to accept that we as a species are reliant upon the sea for a portion of our food, as the biodiversity of the ocean is reliant upon the untainted health of the sea.

  6. It's all intentional destruction of all Earth systems … how can anyone even doubt it a this point. Do they not even look at our "skies?" Everything in the pacific ocean is toxic in the extreme, if not in all the worlds oceans at this point. There has been massive die offs in the pacific with little mention of them as whole. This looks like a story they are blowing up to cover these deaths up. Thousands of tons of Fukushima irradiated water still being dumped into the ocean every day over 6 years later. And they are talking about death zones caused by this little mess/ LOL. Millions of tons of irradiated waste from fukushima outdoors stockpiles have been being incinerated. About all you could do to make radioactive particulates even worse is to burn them creating smaller particulates. yeah…it's all intentional….death by design, or genocide if you prefer.

  7. Well all these globalist countries should just raise the carbon tax on their citizens…….You know keep the air quality GOOD

  8. While watching all the millions of tons of carbon go into the atmosphere to remember that Humans are not responsible for the huge amounts of carbon in the atmosphere causing the world to warm up. Because the lobbied politicians said so.

  9. i find it highly barbaric that some humans are allowed to do all these complete mistakes to a living planet full of life that NEEDS the natural to keep it going forward. Has science ever studied what damage their doing to this planet by sucking all that petroleum… it's down there for a reason, does anyone know why, and what the outcome is, and will be ahead for a finite living planet? Electric cars is the only future for our GrandChildren.

  10. It’s a good thing we haven’t converted to renewable energy. Imagine what a solar, wind, or hydro spill would look like? Oh and this is still not being reported on mainstream media.

  11. As someone one living in British Columbia, Canada this worries me greatly. We have tankers coming by here all the time and the Gov't just agreed to an increase in the traffic, if we don't curb this, this kind of thing could happen here and that would be an ecological disaster for the whole west coast of North America. We need to make our Gov't listen on this and stop them being bought off by these greedy bastard corporations.

  12. I haven't done any deep studies of oil in 12 plus years but I believe Fracked Oil consists of this light condensate oil. We rely on this condensed form of energy to keep our world village running and we're running out of it. I'm asking everyone that is not asleep to start thinking about a new post carbon world. Remember the Boy Scout creed "Be Prepared"it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

  13. The thing about this tanker that's not talked about is that it was carrying Iranian oil and gas using a Panama flag and they were off the radar and that's why this disaster occurred

  14. This is another in the thousands of catastrophes made possible by U.S. addiction to fossil fuels. It's still not to late to kick, but every day we don't leads to more tragedies and leaves us with fewer resources to support the change.

  15. Maybe it will mix with all the nuclear contamination that is continuously flowing out of the Fukushima nuke plant and turn into vitamins for the sea life.

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