‘Kayaking & swimming – only ways to get out’: 170 towns flooded by overflown river in Quebec, Canada

Residents of the Pierrefonds, city of Quebec, resorted to kayaking their way through the flooded streets, Friday, as rivers continued to overflow, flooding more than 170 towns and villages. Commentators have described the floods as some of the worst in more than 50 years, pushing authorities to declare a state of emergency in 10 municipalities and causing damage in more than 3,000 private and public properties. READ MORE:



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31 thoughts on “‘Kayaking & swimming – only ways to get out’: 170 towns flooded by overflown river in Quebec, Canada

  1. lmfao the water is half as high as the car tires lol…. the only way out is by kayak…. these fuckin ppl never cease to amaze me with their stupidity lol

  2. God destroying Canada for their wickedness.  Did you know their immigration law says that anyone who has 1,000,000 dollars can immigrate to Canada?  Not surprising.  These floods hit Canada right after I told God about this.  They can immigrate to be drowned. Lol

  3. I'm a proud CANADIAN and there's nothing wrong with being a cuck eh? Don't shit on it until you've tried it

  4. Have no fear Canada, Justine is coming to the rescue with his shirt removed, a gaggle green journalists, and his indigenous first nations indian aboriginal birch canoe launched.

  5. Guess you should've listened to those crazy truthers warning you about cloudseeding/ Geoengineering weather warfare going on, huh?? Do you give a shit now??

  6. no….shit happened and you focused on 2idiot in a kayak doing nothing..ask ur gayass prime femicunt lover why "who even cares" towns is way less importent than illegal immigrants or good infrastruture outside the rich area ppl voting for him lives in…..

  7. 0:150:20 shows you the tendency of people to blow things out of proportion. while around 0:19 is is clear that the water is covering just about half of the cars wheels. THE ONLY WAY TO GET OUT IS KAYAKING AND SWIMMING. yeah ok because walking is clearly not an option. stfu.

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