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Julian Assange: Our source is not the Russian government

Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle react on ‘Hannity’ to Sean’s radio interview with the founder of WikiLeaks

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  • Immanuel Notzri says:

    I think the tape is fake. i know the tape is fake. He is throwing the towel if i am hearing right.

  • sunflower says:

    great interview ! love Hannity and Assange !

  • Jana Fedon says:

    Pretty sure the true source is worried sleepless that somehow it will get out they leaked this info to Julian. Kudos to Wikileaks for their integrity in the face of such adversity. Julian is ticked he is tellling too much already, a source is protected….period! Because HRC dirty laundry came out everyone in the DNC is saying thats the ONLY reason she lost….not on MY vote. HER words in HER campaign decided my vote, the emails? They just validated what I already thought of her.

  • No-thing says:

    Russia did 9/11

  • MrWhatwhathuh says:

    The CIA can now operate freely inside the United states and i don't trust them.

  • MrWhatwhathuh says:

    The CIA is good at overthrowing Governments and disinformation

  • Rich Lester says:

    Fox wants us to think they're all for truth, but where's your journalist in Syria? Why are they still feeding us the same BS narrative? It's a fucking joke! We're responsible for killing and displacing people for what? Syria is a disaster and they're sitting here jerking each other off with this nonsense. Get the fuck otta here…..We suck

  • Seb Ryan says:

    Wikileaks is the only news source that has a 100% record of truth

  • Trueist says:

    Fox is just trying to save face after all their lies, acting like they're the good guys now. Never trust them. Despite the fact that some good people may still work for them behind the scenes (dunno how thats possible though with the work they do.)

  • fuck off says:

    holy fuck they are all apart of the great desiption

  • Angry Niqqles says:

    If Mr. Law and Order Trump….. finds out the Uranium One deal was "illegal gotten gains" Why would the Russians sabotage Hillary, when Trump and Jeff Sessions might reverse the deal? Can anyone explain this Russian stupidity ?

  • bluedragonfly5 says:

    When was the interview made? Assange is either no longer alive or is being held (tortured by the CIA?). If you followed the story in October, you would realize that after they cut off his internet they raided the embassy in London and took him somewhere. All this fake propaganda about Russia being the source is because Assange is no longer around to dispute it.

  • Samantha30090 says:

    Clinton, Obama, and the DNC are spinning a huge one. It is absolutely ludicrous to think that Russia "hacked" the election. Clinton lost for three reasons: 1. She stole the nomination from Sanders, people were infuriated and refused to vote for her. 2. She doesn't embrace Democratic ideology such as preserving and strengthening unions, Social Security and Medicare, and she refuses to support single payer Medicare. Of course, she's not a Democrat if she doesn't embrace these. 3. Finally, shes a potential felon just like the DNC and Obama. I suggest that Obama and DNC members shut up, cut their losses and stop making fools of themselves and start espousing FDR/Truman Democratic ideology. If they pull this same stunt again in 2020, they will lose again and Trump will have four more years. The people will name the Democratic nominee or we will not have a Democratic president again in our lifetime. Butt out, DNC. "A poor craftsman blames his tool and a poor candidate blames anyone but herself."
    by Nick Gillespie

  • skyfix says:

    FOR GODS SAKE! The only security on the F***ing server was an 8 character password. Some damn 8 yr old kid in India could have hacked it.

  • Ferris Vueller says:

    This is important because it means the CIA is lying. Assange basically contradicted the CIA and it is now obvious that the CIA is lying to us.

  • Erwin Montiere says:

    Folks please don't forget urge all the supporters to backup the electors. Tell them that you support them. Just like Assange, has the public keeping an eye out for him the electors need the same support and more. AS MANY AS POSSIBLE LET THEM KNOW.

  • Jeff Smith says:

    I am amazed how stupid Obama really is and to think he was the man in charge for 8 years. All we heard for years was how smart (the media) claims he is. Weather your Democrat or Reapublican, let's look at Obamas accomplishments. He gave us 11trillion in debt himself. Every single thing he did was by using executive order which can all be repealed because he used ex. Order. He has been caught in tons of lies which media doesnt report. He has disregarded the constitution, Miscalculated everything…..from calling Isis the jv team to if you like you helth care you can keep it. Jimmy Carter must be celebrating, he is off the hook and now Obama is the new shittiest President of all time……I just wonder how many Americans still believe the 6 years of Obamas bullshit blaming Bush. When Carter left office in 1980, I dont remember Reagan blaming Carter for 13 pct interest rates, gas prices high for that time, unemployment rate high, Americans being taken hostage, and all the other shit Carter messed up. Reagan just fixed it….Democrats along with the media are all crazy and either wimps or crybabies…Girlymen…..Democrats need to look on the bright side of things, now Obama will have plenty of time to travel around the world on a 2 be American arrogance apology tour…..wish all Democrats could go with him and end the tour in Iran, just stay there……

  • Jeff Smith says:

    Well I see the economy booming soon. Obama was good for one and only one economy Gun Sales!!!!! After the election, Democrats will help the mental health business, most of them have needed metal help for a long time because they are Democrats but now after the election they are aware they need mental health. Lol. While Trump helps the American economy for all Americans. Democrats will spend the next 8 years paying people to protest, trying to figure out how they lost, and regrouping aka thinking of new lies the American people will believe to vote them back into power. I am sure cnn will help them with the next lie to get people on their side. Personally, the media can go to hell, said that years before Trump. The Dems can check themselves into a mental hospital and I see it as a win win…

  • Wilt Min says:

    Assange projects this altruistic motivation but all he is trying to get is immunity from the crimes he's committed. He's a treasonous rapacious jerkwad.

  • Wilt Min says:

    Assange is a real pos

  • Jay Bee says:

    Wikileaks aired the Dems dirty laundry, but they didn't create it.

  • andrew cargill says:

    It's embarrassing, we should all be fucking embarrassed.

  • Kurt Elliott says:

    Oh man, Russia used alien technology and did mind control to us to make us vote for Trump and make us think we seen Hitlery Bull Clinton cheating at the debates by using a computer at her podium then a Hitler moron parade removing her cheating equipment and Russia must have been behind Bill Clinton getting impeached and disbarred!

  • Piotr Gorczynski says:

    it is diversion…. it fits in to their agenda! stop feeding this foolish story!

  • Rene Rivero says:

    How could you blame Russia for hacking Kimberly Guilfoyle breast?!?! Those puppies are irresistible!!!! Num num num .

  • Debbie Dunn says:

    I respect that he doesn't give away his sources. And I'm glad to know he's okay. We've been asking about you Julian. Stay safe.

  • Wonder Full says:

    Why is it only audio?
    Julian Assange is usually live on interview. Does not sound like Julian, might be fake

  • Holly Lewis says:

    the whole narrative is ridiculous. does anyone truly believe that russia influenced election

  • Dawny Patricia Roberts-Fox says:

    The BBC news & all other mainstream media in England are reporting that the Russian have hacked the DNC to help President Elected Mr Trump win. BBC are always bias towards Mr Trump, that why I watch Fox News to get an accurate account.

  • onereactor says:

    The talking head was wrong about one thing, Hillary Clinton is the worst human being to run for office EVER.

  • James Germiquet says:

    just another Hannity "FAKE INTERVIEW"

  • Irisviel says:

    Seth Rich, RIP you good man.

  • Joeys48 says:

    These liberal claims of Russian involvement is dangerous. We would be in danger of war with Russia if Hillary was to become President. Her words. Not mine.

  • Leah H says:

    Please go interview him in person in London at the Embassy if he is still alive. This does not sound authentic and is probably 'fake news'. Please take this down. There is software to copy voices and Julian does not talk this quickly. Why didn't you ask him why he has been hiding since October?

  • Dathan Gotham says:

    people dont know, but your intelligence community ripped HRC a new asshole. and she will NEVER be public server EVER again… lol 🙂 TY HACKTHEPLANET! you are leet! we do not forgive, we do not forget expect us

  • mountainfolks says:

    Hhhmmmm, Who do we believe? The CIA who has lied to us repeatedly? Or Obama who lies every time he opens his mouth? Or Assange who over the last decade has never lied to us or even altered slightly the info he showed us? Hhhmmmm? Seems simple to me.

  • ƸӜƷ B L I N K says:

    When will the dummy spit end? You lost, get over it.

  • James C says:

    We need to research whether Obama had anything to do with Hillary emails or any other connection with bad behavior. They are blaming Russia for a reason, not necessarily about the election, need to know why. Russia, I know has embarrassed Obama on several occasions. First thing Mr. Trump must do is put Obama in his place as a nonentity anymore.

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