Jets Shadowed ‘Ghost Plane’ from OK to Gulf of Mexico

Fighter jets were sent to intercept a small plane that veered off course during its flight from Oklahoma to Texas and stopped responding. The plane crashed in the Gulf of Mexico, where the US Coast Guard is searching for wreckage.

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27 thoughts on “Jets Shadowed ‘Ghost Plane’ from OK to Gulf of Mexico

  1. I live close to the gulf out of fla. ..yesterday i herd a huge boom..and bangs and booms and a crack ..and shutterd the house and car trailers outside…

  2. My guess he was fleeing, if we have radar stuff to look at you can bet the military did. But if a pilot is unresponsive, all you can do is fly nearby to get a visual. They saw the make and model of the aircraft so they knew it's range, could have been a spy maybe.

  3. Seriously people, I worked along side of this amazing individual. Extreemly heart broken that he wont be here to help with his amazing skills as an OB Anesthesiologist at my job. Keep in mind you guys, hes not a conspiracy title, hes a father, friend, coworker whos family and friends are deeply worried he probably will never come home. He was a selfless infividual! Please pray for him and miracles!

  4. It was a plane from Nebraska, had something to do with transporting service dogs. My guess is he had a medical problem and it was stuck on auto pilot until the fuel ran out, then crashed in the gulf.

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  6. He was a doctor here in OKC my co-workers wife worked with him at a local hospital they think he might of had a heart attack.

  7. The Air Force already has fighter jets in the air in and around where this happened.. Sometimes the Air force calls it "Whiskey 470,” it's a 200-rectangular-mile patch of airspace over the Gulf of Mexico where Air force pilots learn how to fly fighter jets, and where they train..
    So them being there to intercept or check on an air craft that's outta place, isn't anything new.. They even force some aircraft to land if they think they're running drugs or something like that..

  8. why didnt we shoot it down?im sure if it was me they wouldn't have hesitated it was some elite that was escorted im sure

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