Japan: Rescue op underway to find 7 missing US Navy sailors following collision

The Japanese Coast Guard and Self Defence Forces are searching for seven missing US Navy sailors, after the navy’s guided-missile destroyer, the USS Fitzgerald, collided with a Philippine-flagged merchant ship southwest of Yokosuka, Saturday.

Helicopters and ships have been deployed to aid the rescue operation. At least three people were injured in the incident. The USS Fitzgerald was tugged back to the Navy dock in Yokosuka.

The US Navy reported that the vessel’s commanding officer Bryce Benson was taken to hospital to receive treatment for injuries. He is reported to be in stable condition.

Credit: NTV

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18 thoughts on “Japan: Rescue op underway to find 7 missing US Navy sailors following collision

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  2. The officers and seamen on watch in radar and on the bridge will be cashiered out of the Navy. There is no excuse for a man of war colliding with a 700' long, 100' high, 38,000 ton vessel on the open sea.

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  7. Steal technology can't even handle with a simple cargo ship
    if you can't even handle this
    how could you evade a Russian anti-ship missile flying very low at the sea level …
    where the is the stealth technology

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