Japan activates first marine units since WW2

Japan has activated its first marine unit since World War Two to bolster defenses in the East China Sea. At a ceremony on Saturday, Vice Defense Minister Tomohiro Yamamoto said there is now a critical need to defend Japan’s islands. Japan has territorial disputes with both China and S. Korea in the East China Sea. The unit is the latest component of a growing marine force meant to counter China.

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22 thoughts on “Japan activates first marine units since WW2

  1. Island defence is reasonable, just as long as they stay away from current territory controlled by China or the Chinese mainland.

  2. You mean japan is actually going to start defending itself instead of having the US serve as it's bodyguard? Thank God

  3. Many of the comments under this video are designed to incite hatred for other nations, to get you to accept war. And whatever you accept as good for others, God will accept as good for you. A man shall reap what he sows. Whatever you would like done to yourself, make sure you do it to others. If you want to eat, feed the poor. If you want mercy, be merciful. If you want to be loved, then love your neighbor as yourself. Do what is right, and God will reward you.

  4. Stupid Abe wanna change our pacifist policy to play slave boy to USA. We Japanese will kick him out soon with his land corruption scandal

  5. Stupid Abe told me to counter China together but my useless ministers all wet their pants when they hear about the dragon. I'm so sad need to cry now!

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