May 8, 2018: Vents continue to form on the Big Island as we see a new map of the location of these fissures/vents.
A report from Ikaika Marzo who was one of the very first people to show these lava vents to the world. He has also been very helpful to people affected by the volcanic activity. See his Facebook link below for updates! 👇

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25 thoughts on “Is this the beginning of something bigger? – Lava moving under Big Island!

  1. Is this the beginning of something bigger? – Lava moving under Big Island!
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  2. Are you honestly attempting to conflate solar activity with hawaii volcanic activity? It's pretty irresponsible to pander to your subscribers with pseudoscience and speculation. Correlation does not equal causation.

  3. seismicity on a global scale has not increased. let alone, exponentially. and if your time line for observing this is days, then you lack a basic understanding of time in geology.

  4. lava drainage just means relocation to an all new volcano .. new land forming ….. could form bigger than Mauna Kea .. could form smaller (i.e. Kilauea) it might get pretty hairy (maybe deadly) but look at Maui from above …. maybe we have a new valley isle forming ..

  5. looks to me like the mid pacific 'hot spot' is relocating due to tectonic shift/movement .. although with the rifts forming, they look like a giant crack and is there any chance that part of the island could 'slide' off? big tsunami if so..

  6. It's Time For REPENT We ALL Need To Forgive ONE Another And REPENT REPENT REPENT Because The Lord Yeshua Messiah Is Coming Very Soon ANYTIME To God Be The Glory REPENT REPENT REPENT

  7. more global warming ? canada needs global warming …longest winter in history we had. coldest in history. yet the earth is warming up ?? well send some lava to canada, it will turn to ice in our summer climates ! but we pay carbon taxes….so the tourists will have to now pay carbon taxes in Hawaii after this carbon release.

  8. People are just to busy building nukes and weapons to kill each other now mother nature is just giving us a helping hand on exterminating us for free.

  9. No anomaly here. The islands are expanding. That's how they came about in the first place. It's called creative destruction. It's a thing.

  10. These conspiracy doomsday dipshits love making mountains out of mole hills. So far what has happened is miniscule in the history of Kilauea, Lave is gently breeching the surface in a relatively small way. You all act like its a new thing. The Hawaiian islands are volcanic, its a dynamic are that is always going to spew out lava. Quit listening to these negative goof balls preaching doomsday.

  11. Historically Hawaii is a "Hot Spot Mercurial" migrating like a Knotted String of "Pop Up", Island Volcanoes; as the Pacific Plate Tectonically shifts, orientations relative to the Subjugation Crustal Zones, dictate their movements. Hawaii is a 'Moving Experience", visual Proof of the Skin of our Earth 'shifting', morphing 'wrinkling and releasing Energy".

  12. So is this covered under the normal home insurance policy? or do the people who lost their homes still owe huge mortgages?

  13. Repent people. Oh yeah it will be lasting a long time cause the repent levels to God is Well on the low.. Hawaii is a volcano the whole island.

  14. I believe everyone should be evacuated Now!! From Leilani Pahoa & Puna!!
    That whole side of the Island could collapse or a New Volcano could Explode!!

  15. One only needs to look into the history of Kilueua to see there is no conspiracy by aliens, gods or prophetic confirmation ties.
    You did not mention the obvious ancient crater there in Leilani estates, you even moused over it.
    You did not mention the huge ancient lava tubes that run from the summit of kilueua east to the sea, they are like huge conduits.
    You did not mention the extremely similar event in 1960 that destroyed the town of Kapoho.
    You did not mention the large earthquake that opened the lava lake in kilueua to those old tubes, when the tubes fill there are enormous pressures inside and the lava will surface at the weakest places.
    The same thing happened to Kapoho, this time it's in a a different place.

  16. The lava is going to Leilani Estates. A quick check of Wikipedia will show that vents can occur miles away from the summit. I'm not going to argue about the sun cycle because I don't have enough knowledge on that particular subject; but it's no mystery where the lava lake is draining to.

  17. So when are you going to start blaming Trump for this ? I'm praying for a Mass Extinction of Democrats …

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