You also need to consider that an aircraft carrier does not really apply to the AFP defense doctrines.

At its best, the AFP is focused on defending territory and internal security.

An aircraft carrier is a weapon of power projection, intended to bring the battle to an enemy thousands of miles away.

If the AFP’s only defense in the Philippine territory, along with the EEZ, does not require the power projection capability, because of the best, the AFP operates the maximum area of ​​the EEZ, which is 200 nautical mile from the coast.

It can be better to use air assets more cost effective by operating from coast based airfields, which is cheaper and can not be lower.

An example of what happens when you buy an aircraft carrier, but it is unable to keep or keep it a Thai carrier, Chakri Naruebet.

It is a small aircraft carrier, bought from a Spanish ship for around $ 330 million USD.

Unfortunately, Thailand has become a problem in the economy.

Additionally, the operation of this aircraft, the AV-8S Matador comes out of production.

As a result, no spare parts are available to retain the existing aircraft, and thus the aircraft has been decommissioned.

And nothing really is another suitable aircraft to work from such a small carrier.

Ship operating costs are very high.


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